Growth Update: A Baby and a Garden

Jul 6, 2012

How Far Along? 21 Weeks
Size of Baby Conyers? The average baby at 21 weeks is 10.5 inches long (head to toe now) and around 13oz in weight (Noah's leg and arm length was in the 50-95th percentile at the ultrasound. I think he will take after his daddy in height! M is 6'4"!)
Maternity Clothes?  Yep, and I need to get more! I think the gals at work are starting to notice when I wear the same pair of capris to work almost daily!
 Weight Gain? Yep! 6 pounds total. Not too shabby!
Stretch Marks? None yet, and hopefully none at all! I rub on Vitamin E usually twice a day.
Gender? It's a boy! See here for details :)
Sleep? I've been sleeping well but do find that sudden movements like turning over cause a ton of ligament pain in my abdomen. Have to remind myself to take it a bit slower.
Food Cravings? Sugar. It's getting pretty bad, I have to admit. Going to try to wean myself off slowly if I can push through the headaches. Juicing has been suggested, so I'm going to try to give it a shot and see if I can't come up with some tasty combinations that have little to no sugar. Our midwife informed us that you can't really "eat your way" into gestational diabetes, but I know there are many other risks involved, just like caffeine in large amounts.
What I Miss? The occasional glass of wine, especially when we're out at a nice dinner and I have to sip water with my Italian dish instead of the normal sweet vino!
Symptoms? Back pain. This is being taken care of mostly by chiropractic care. We've found a great chiropractor downtown and have both been seeing him weekly. I've always had low back issues, but the pregnancy has definitely magnified it.
Best Moment of the Week? Hmmm, I'd have to say finally getting to show M the stomach jabs from Noah and him getting to visually see them at night when I'm laying down. I have to lay really still, but when Noah is on the go he really can throw a punch (or a kick!) We had an appointment today and he was moving a ton while trying to find the heartbeat. We also have pretty much completed our registries and I really enjoyed adding to them! 

As far as our garden, this Tennessee heat, often over 100 and closer to 110, has really taken a toll on its growth. I only have a few tiny tomatoes on each plant and only one pepper. The squash plant just looks wilty and makes me sad. We haven't had rain in weeks! M has been so good about watering it at night and in the early morning before he goes to work so hopefully being consistent with that will help! 

Next year we plan to start our garden earlier to give it a great start before the heat hits! Anyone else having garden success this year? I'm enjoying keeping up with it everyday and watching it grow- no matter how slowly!

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  1. You look great Kelsea! Love your top.
    Your garden is doing better than ours. We planted some tomatoes and peppers pretty late. So far we only have a few buds and one small tomato. Maybe we'll have something by the end of the year ;)