Baby Update: 23 Weeks

Jul 23, 2012

How Far Along? 23 Weeks, 3 days (holy cow, almost 6 months!!!)

Size of Baby Conyers? Noah is about a foot long and weighs right around a pound!

Maternity Clothes?  Got a really cute pair of maternity dressy-jean shorts- SO comfortable. I think M got tired of me needing to unbutton my shorts on long car rides! (TMI?)

 Weight Gain? Right around 7 pounds.

Stretch Marks? None yet, still rubbin' that Vitamin E oil on every night. M jokes with me that I look like I'm getting cut around my hips, but it's just sticking out instead of going in!  

Sleep? So-So. I hurt my back at some point so it makes it hard to get in a comfortable position.

Food Cravings? Been doing better with the sugar, but generally no specific cravings. 

What I Miss?Normal boobs. Sorry, just had to be that frank. 

 Symptoms? Fatigue! Boy is it ever kicking in, but it might just be I'm wearing myself out with this move, too! Also, if I'm hungry- watch out! I get faint, irritable, and really weak-feeling. I need to start keeping some healthy snacks with me during the day.

Best Moment of the Week? Becoming homeowners! The first thing I thought about was that THIS house is where Noah will be brought home and experience so many "firsts". 


  1. oh normal boobs how I miss them as well.. It will be a while if you're planing on breat feeding.. sigh... but oh so worth it! :) I'll let you know if I every get them back so you have something to look forward to ;)

    1. haha, so I've heard! It might be one of my least favorite things about all this! Please do let me know if there's ever hope again :)

    2. Haha, Kari's right!! It gets its worst when your milk comes in, too. But Liam has just started slacking off on nursing this month, and I've already had to tighten my bras up. There is HOPE. :P