Baby Registry

Jul 5, 2012

I'm a type-A, list-making type of gal. So when anyone hands me a list in which items can be checked off, I have to admit it makes me a bit giddy. Add in the fact that this particular list has to do with our precious baby and you've got one happy, organized pregnant lady. 

To begin the entire baby registering process, I started all my accounts online. We chose Target, Babies R' Us and The two stores are the easiest for friends and family, and is great for us because we were able to add things that the two stores didn't sell and great for those who are comfortable ordering online. I then printed out registry checklists from several sites and chose the one I felt was most comprehensive.

 I added a few things to each registry, but wanted a visual of what I was getting so M and I made a day of it, grabbing a nice Italian dinner at Amigo's in Cool Springs and hitting up Target and Babies R' Us. Target wasn't so bad because their baby section is really not that big and their website has more selection that the store. Babies R' Us is a different story. SO MANY ITEMS TO CHOOSE FROM! We got our "welcome packet" and scanner and hit the aisles. We were able to add quite a few small items, things like wipes and body products (going all organic and natural) and the safety items like outlet covers and cabinet/drawer locks.

After adding some small things, I knew I had to get some second opinions from those who had been-there-done-that to get the scoop on what they loved and what they found out they didn't really need. We left the store hungry and slightly overwhelmed for the day.  We really didn't want us or others wasting money on things that really aren't necessary, so after emails and messages to some top-notch mammas, I had such a better idea of what to get.

Aside from the overwhelming number of spoons and pacifiers and strollers and everything else to choose from, I have had such fun adding to the registry. I've never really liked tons of bright colors for babies. Kind of sounds contradictory, but I like soft, cool tones and classic but modern patterns like chevron and stripes, especially for decor items. None of the items we've chosen are matchy-matchy, but I think a lot of them coordinate with each other.

I thought I would post some of the things I'm really excited about and would LOVE to hear more ideas and suggestions from my readers! 

First up are the body care products. We chose Seventh-Generation baby wipes because they are not whitened with bleach and are free of alcohol and synthetic dyes and perfumes. 

We chose Burts Bees Baby Bee items for their commitment to natural products that are paraben, sulfate, and synthetic fragrance-free. 

Burt's Bees Baby Bee
Infantino Vintage Twist and Fold Activity Gym @ Babies R' Us

I love the quilted look of this and the colors in the fabric. 
Bumbo Seat - heard tons of great things about these!

Fisher Price Newborn Rock n' Play - Babies R' Us

Eurobath Kit

Infantino Lil' Fluff Cart & High Chair Cover @ Babies R' Us

We will definitely be getting some use out of this!  Shopping carts can be disgusting and uncomfortable, too! 

Baby K'Tan Baby Carrier - Target &
 I'm a firm believer in baby-wearing and LOVE this sling in black!
ERGObaby Original Baby Carrier @
Great for hiking trips or longer wearing times when more support is needed.

Just One You by Carters - JOY Bright Dots Travel Swing

Baby Trend Playard- In the Jungle @ Target
Because Noah will be sleeping in our room for at least the first few months, I wanted to get something that could have multiple uses as a portable crib AND a bassinet. Love that this has a place for those late-night diaper changes, too!

Bum Genius Organic Elemental All-in-One cloth diapers @

I've never really been fond of the idea of buying thousands of dollars worth of disposable diapers just to do that- dispose. The cloth diaper system has come SUCH a long way in the area of ease, comfort, fit, absorption, etc. The cost of one collection ranges from $400 to $600, including all the extras you need. A disposable diaper supply for the entire length of time an infant is in diapers is well into the thousands. Also, the chemicals that are in the absorption gel in regular diapers are not what I want to have snuggled against my baby all day and all-natural, organic diapers are extremely pricey. We felt this was the best choice for us. Lest you think we're crazy - give these videos a go- it might just change your perspective.

We plan to give family and friends who are interested in getting a baby gift the options of donating to our cloth diaper fund (great idea by one of those top-notch mammas).We do plan to use natural disposable diapers for those 3-4 day trips to VA or fun vacations/roadtrips.

Some of the accessories we will need for our cloth diaper system are as follows, suggested by  Rachel @ The Musings of a Newlywed.

Bum Genius Diaper Sprayer @
Planet Wise Hanging Dry/Wet Bag @
The plan with these is to get two: 1 for the nursery to hang on the side of the changing table/dresser. 2. Hang in the bathroom for the poopy diapers once they are rinsed. 

Planet Wise Travel Dry/Wet Bag @
This is what we will put the dirty/wet diapers in while out in town, at the mall, or at church.
Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether @
This teether/toy has gotten SO many reviews on blogs and has been recommended to me by several moms- great for all 5 senses, apparently!

I've just covered some of the major things and haven't included adorable blankets, pacifiers, spoons, sippy cups, and all the other necessities. The one thing I'm having SUCH a hard time picking out is the stroller/carseat. Maybe some of my readers can help me out. We really can't afford anything too expensive. Also, I want to be able to take Noah straight from the car while still in his carseat - only possible with the infant carriers, right? And the infant carriers will only fit with a stroller specific to its brand/model. I really am not sure a travel system is the best way to go. Once he outgrows the infant carseat, I will need to buy a front-facing seat for older infants. I just can't seem to figure out what to get that won't blow our bank account, but that is safe and not a huge struggle to use. So experienced mammas, bring it on - the good, the bad, the waste of money, the don't-even-bother, or the this-was-a-lifesaver! I need to know!


  1. Great post!! Carseats can be HARD to pick out..but you'll definately want an infant carseat that attaches to a stroller because they fall asleep so much in their carseats!! We had one from Sears that worked great for us (Eddie Bauer brand) but by all means find whatever fits into your price bracket!! We bought a Safety First forward/rear facing convertible seat just a couple months ago (Makayla is now 13 months old) and its pretty good too..but you wont have to worry about a convertible carseat for a dont stress about that one! Something I'd say that is a definate must have though is a Sleep Sheep and Gripe Water (for tummyaches)..gosh both were lifesavers!!!

    1. Thanks so much for the info, Melanie! I've heard awesome things about the Sleep Sheep, too - plus, it's just adorable!

  2. We went straight to convertible and I love that - it made more sense for us since we also baby wear and I wanted something we would get a lot of use out of. I know you said that you want to be able to take one in and out of the car, but if you are baby wearing, there might not always be the need. That's just my two cents. And considering our little one is growing so quickly (I mean everyone says their baby grows quickly, but ours really is - already above the 98th percentile for height at 1 month old) I feel like it was a good investment. Also, baby tubs can be nice, but they're kind of unnecessary. We never got one and we have found it works just fine to bathe our little one in the sink or in the tub. Everyone's got different opinions eh? I just feel like there is SO much stuff out there and so much that people are told is necessary, but the reality is that a lot of it is not necessary. Oh and as far as strollers go I have no real advice. Ours was a hand-me down and so we had zero say in picking it out. It's a nice stroller and I like it for the most part, but I also feel like it's huge. (It's a First Wheels brand if you're curious, but I have no idea what model or anything or if they still make it). It has three separate attachments - a bassinet attachment, an older kid attachment (for like sitting up) and you can just snap an infant car seat into it and go.

    1. I didn't even think about baby-wearing and the carseat, but you're right! If we wear most of the time, we won't even need to fool with getting the carseat out every time. Something to think about! I agree, there is SO much out there that they make you feel like you HAVE to have. I always think back to the times when none of this was around and moms had to be a bit more creative. I've been thinking about just trying to look for a stroller at a consignment shop, etc. We already have a jogger being handed down to us by a family member, so really just something simple is needed outside of that. I appreciate your input!

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    1. Oh good! I will have to e-mail you this weekend to catch up :) I'll have to look into that stroller! If I'm not careful, my list of things we "need" might get mighty pricey. I'm appreciating being able to narrow it down from the advice I'm getting :) Talk with you soon!