It's a Boy!

Jun 19, 2012

Never in all my life did I imagine myself as the mommy of a little boy. EVER. But two minutes into the ultrasound, when the tech was just looking for the kidneys, I caught a glimpse of that little boy part and knew even before she confirmed it. To tell you the truth, I was in shock for a few minutes!Before the appointment I had to have a sugar fix and apparently chose to do that at the wrong time, because little baby looked like he was training for the Olympics in there! Even the technician said he was the most active baby she had seen in awhile. It took us twice as long to find all the necessary parts due to him jerking and moving around. I think he takes after his mamma - he just wants to move on already to bigger things!

Even though the gender is a bit of a surprise, I am so excited to meet our little one and be the parent I have always determined I would be. I will be his solid ground, but allow him to fall, and learn. I will forgive myself when I fail. I will not be afraid to apologize to him when I've overreacted or responded incorrectly. I want more than anything for my children to learn to be independent, to think for themselves, to know my God and serve Him, to stand up for their beliefs and passions with all of their hearts.

I can't wait to find out who this little boy is, what his hopes and dreams will be, if he is gentle or outspoken. Whoever he will be, his daddy and I will love him with all of our hearts and give this 100% during the time God will allow us to watch over him. I can't wait for the moments that take my breath away, and the hilarious moments in between.

Baby's First Outfit from Mommy & Daddy

 We have chosen the name Noah Dale Conyers. We both loved Noah from the start and Dale is both M's late grandfather's middle name and dad's middle name. We thought it only fitting to have it as part of our little one's name. We are so happy to know that our baby is healthy and growing properly. I feel so thankful.


  1. It thrills my heart to know your his mommy!
    p/s it could take after his uncle.

  2. Little boys are awesome!!! Congrats!!

  3. Congratulations! Boys are a momma's joy!!! Once you have him you'll soon realize that it couldn't be sweeter any other way. :)

  4. Congratulations! I just laughed when I read all of your predictions were a girl- shows us how wrong those things can be :)

  5. Thank you! :) I was CONVINCED we were having a girl after that. BOY was I surprised. Btw, I've enjoyed reading your blog and keeping up with Miss E. She is so precious!