Baby Update: 18 Weeks!

Jun 18, 2012

How Far Along? 18 Weeks, 3 Days
Size of Baby Conyers? About the size of a sweet potato! Averaging about 5.5 inches crown to rump and about 7 oz.
Maternity Clothes?  Yep! A week ago I bought my first two pairs of maternity capris for work. My jeans still fit me everywhere, but the waist is uncomfortably tight when I sit down. I've been surprised at how comfortable the maternity pants are. I'm not big enough to need to wear the support band all the way up, so most days I just fold it down. My 2nd pair are still a bit big, so I won't be breaking into those for another month probably.
Weight Gain?
Still nothing on pre-pregnancy weight. This was worrying me, but my Midwife, and my nurse mama,  does not seem concerned. Every women gains differently and at different times in the pregnancy. I can tell a huge difference in my belly area as it seems to have grown a ton the past few days, but no visible weight gain anywhere else.....YET.
Stretch Marks? STILL Nope, and hopefully they'll stay far, far away! Been rubbing that lotion or Vitamin E oil on every night! 
Gender? WE find out TOMORROW!! The ultrasound is schedule for 1:30p. We both are so excited, but equally nervous!
Sleep? Still been sleeping fine except for the frequent bathroom trips in the middle of the night. I have noticed that it takes more effort to switch sides because I can feel pulling in my lower abdomen. I'm trying to be careful and not stretch or pull something that isn't supposed to be stretched or pulled!
Food Cravings? Just plain ol' sweets!
What I Miss? The occasional glass of wine, especially when we're out at a nice dinner and I have to sip water with my Italian dish instead of the normal sweet vino!
Symptoms? The past few weeks have shown me mercy- hardly any symptoms. I still get nauseous when I'm really hungry, but I can usually help that one! Still not much of an appetite, but I was never a big eater to begin with.
Best Moment of the Week? Michael got to feel little baby kick for the first time at exactly 18 weeks. I loved the look on his face and was thrilled that he can now finally feel the little kicks that I've been feeling for the past couple of weeks. Call me crazy, but we bought a fetal heart doppler from e-bay for $50 and have been listening to baby's heartbeat about once a day. We also were given a monitor/music player to use in the third trimester to play music to the little one- a child prodigy in the making! :)

Since tomorrow is the big day when little baby will hopefully cooperate and show us if he is a he or she is a she, I figured M and I could give these gender-guessing tests a try! Here we go!

Chinese Gender Chart: GIRL

Old Wives Tales Quiz:  GIRL

Key Test: GIRL

We decided to stay away from the Drano test and we couldn't agree on which way M's ring was swinging. I will post tomorrow once we find out whether baby C is a boy or a girl! Can't wait! I'll also include a belly bump picture, too. 

As a side note, I had tons of pictures of our new garden for a non-pregnancy post (figured they can't ALL be about Baby), but I forgot to switch my camera from RAW to JPEG and now can't figure out how to get them onto M's new computer system. OH well! :) I'll improvise later this week.  


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