Apr 28, 2011

From here on out there will be no more............


......morning stops for cinnamon raisin biscuits on the way to work.

......late night bowls of this to-die-for ice cream.

.......left over easter candy.

In their place will be more........




and maybe a few...


and lots of....


 and some other favorites....

Red Quinoa....

and protein!

My mom and I are both trying to get in shape and lose weight. We're using, tracking our food daily, and sending encouraging texts. Hopefully some accountability will help! 

What are some other things you find helpful in getting in shape and slimming down?

Writer's Block

Apr 19, 2011

I've been sitting here at my computer for quite some time. 

It's a quiet night, not much to do. 

I can't seem to think of anything at all to write.

I suppose right now my life is too boring to write about.

Actually, that's not true. 

There's actually too much going on to gather my thoughts and write about. 

So many thoughts.

I can't keep 'em straight.

Meaning my brain can't compartmentalize them and neatly label them all appropriately like it seems to need to do. 

Ever been there? 

Why do we do that?

So for tonight, I leave you with one of my new favorite songs.

And yes, the video is a bit depressing.

Ignore the dead man at the beginning.

Just close your eyes.

Hit play then close your eyes.

Isn't that peaceful?


Apr 14, 2011



An old door with chalk-board panels! 

I can't wait to write some cool messages on this for our guests!

I had to be sure to take my edges very well and i didn't have any problems. The spray paint actually takes a few coats before it will be thick enough to draw on. 

Just THINK of all the things you could do with chalkboard paint! 

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Stay tuned for Monday's post!


I'm so excited to write this post. After struggling for months, yes months, to find a good, affordable honeymoon destination - M and I finally agreed on one! 

Ah, the horror!!!
It started out with M wanting to fly to Jackson Hole, WY and stay in a hotel/cabin there and do all this "cool" stuff like bike and canoe and "who cares what the room and bed looks like"! I couldn't get it through M's head that a thin, ugly, floral, polyester comforter was just not good enough for our first night of marriage! 

Growing up - and I'm sure many of you ladies can relate- I've dreamed of what my honeymoon would be like. I've pictured something tropical, romantic, secluded - and my body being hot enough to wear a bikini and get away with it (still working on that part!!). After all, I will have just been married! 

For the past two months we have avoided the subject of honeymoon entirely for fear of having yet another argument over where and what we would do. A few weeks ago, I got motivated to pick up the search and try again. This time - it just worked out. 

After checking tons of resorts in Hawaii, Bahamas, St. Lucia, etc - it was clear that M and I could NOT afford a week at one of those nice places, plus food and drink, plus travel costs. It just wasn't an option, even with some help from a family member. M seemed to have finally let go of his Jackson idea (not that it wouldn't be a super fun vacation!) and I was able to convince him to talk about the possibility of a cruise. 

We've heard good and bad things about a cruise. We both know several people who have taken cruises and have heard their stories. The positives: all-inclusive, a different port every day, plenty to do right there on the ship. The negatives: cramped quarters, sharing the boat with tons of other people -including kids. We talked with the people we knew and decided that the good outweighed the bad. 


We booked a Carnival cruise to the Bahamas! Some of the things that we're really excited about? 

1. It's a 4 day cruise which allows us to get back to our parents on the Thursday after the wedding, say our goodbyes, gather our things, and get to our new home in time to relax before work on Monday. 

2. We will wake up every day at a new port - Freeport, Bahamas and then on to Nassau, Bahamas. We're excited because that means we aren't stuck on the ship all day and we can choose to go wander around the towns and beaches instead of  participating in "group" activities with hundreds of other people on the boat. 

3. The boat we chose is one of the only Carnival ships that actually has an Adults Only area with a pool, bar, and huge outdoor lounge area. I've seen pictures of cruises and the boat deck and pool are so crowded - especially with families with kids. We're not against kids, but we're very glad the adult-only section is there because we can relax hopefully with some privacy and peace and quiet - what a honeymoon should be!

4. Every meal is included- unless we want to eat at one of the specialty restaurants. Even room service is included! 

I think what makes me so excited is that we can pretty much do whatever we want and during the day we won't feel so stuck on the ship. Instead, when we wake up we will be somewhere new! 

We also chose a room with a window. A balcony room wasn't in our budget, but we at least wanted to be able to see outside and not feel so cramped in and stuffy. 

Anyone ever been on a cruise before? What are your thoughts? What did you like/not like? Any suggestions to make things go smoothly?

Pertaining to my life....

"If you read history you will find that the Christians who did most for the present world were precisely those who thought most of the next. It is since Christians have largely ceased to think of the other world that they have become so ineffective in this."
- C.S. Lewis

"The future is something which everyone reaches at the rate of 60 minutes an hour, whatever he does, whoever he is."
-C.S. Lewis 

"What we call “being in love” is a glorious state, and, in several ways, good for us … It is a noble feeling, but it is still a feeling. Now no feeling can be relied on to last in its full intensity, or even to last at all. Knowledge can last; principles can last; habits can last, but feelings come and go. And in fact, whatever people say, the state called “being in love” usually does not last. If the old fairy-tale ending “They lived happily ever after” is taken to mean “They felt for the next fifty years exactly as they felt the day before they were married,” then it says what probably never was nor ever could be true, and would be highly undesirable if it were. Who could bear to live in that excitement for even five years? What would become of your work, your appetite, your sleep, your friendships? But, of course, ceasing to be “in love” need not mean ceasing to love. Love in this second sense—love as distinct from “being in love” is not merely a feeling. It is a deep unity, maintained by the will and deliberately strengthened by habit, reinforced by (in Christian marriages) the grace which both parties ask, and receive, from God. They can have this love for each other even at those moments when they do not like each other, as you love yourself even when you do not like yourself. They can retain this love even when each would easily, if they allowed themselves, be “in love” with someone else. “Being in love” first moved them to promise fidelity: this quieter love enables them to keep the promise. It is on this love that the engine of marriage is run: being in love was the explosion that started it."
-C.S. Lewis

Wedding To DIY List

Apr 5, 2011

Over the past month and a half I've been collecting all sorts of things for my wedding projects. Last night I finally pulled them all from a pile in the corner and arranged them on my dining room table so I would SEE them and hopefully DO them! 

This picture includes frames I plan to spray-paint and use throughout the reception, signs I plan on nailing to a tree like a "crossroads direction thing", and 12X12 napkins I plan on sewing together and stuffing to make pillows and painting our initials or some other cool design on the front of the pillow. I'm getting so excited about doing all this, but most of it requires going outside in the grass to do - something that requires WARM WEATHER! 

Here's some other little hints of things I'm incorporating into my wedding. Forgive me as I have  compiled all these pictures and can't remember which wedding blog they come from. 

M has to come up with how to hang lights we have like this....we're thinking metal poles or something inexpensive.
I've got the letters....they just need spraypainting!
The apartment beside me was being remodeled and all their old windows (EXACTLY like these) were put out by the trash bin. I snatched them up before the trash men came and they're stashed in my apartment waiting to be hung from trees for the ceremony. I can't wait to see how it will look!
I'm going to add things like "New York #### miles", "Jackson Hole, WY, ##### miles", Photo Booth, etc.

I'm loving these inspirations! I can't wait for the wedding. Mostly because I'm ready to be M's wife, but also so I can put into play all these ideas that have been floating in my head for what feels like forever!

My theme is "vintage modern". The colors are goldenrod yellow/saffron and light gray with some touches of teal or pink.  I'm also hoping to use THIS idea for some lighting effects during the reception. 

Any other ideas?