Nov 13, 2011

1. After work Friday, M and I decided to try to tackle a small section of the millions of leaves on the ground. We raked, piled them in the truck, dumped them in the back of our property, and repeated about ten times. By the time we were done we looked at what we had accomplished and just laughed because it was such a tiny part of the yard. I guess it's a good thing we enjoyed spending time together outside! It makes me think of my own version of Frost's poem..."and piles to go before I sleep, and piles to go before I sleep".

2. M had to work every night this weekend, so while he was sleeping Friday evening I baked a batch of my best-yet cookies. I've tried a bunch of recipes and this one was the best. It was a simple recipe, but the difference, I think, was that it called for melting the butter but then chilling the batter for an hour before baking it. 

3. Some friends in Nashville had an extra ticket to the Vandy vs. Oregon game and invited me to come along when they found out I was home bored. I was thankful because it was going to be a long night! M had been asleep since about six and was going into work at 11 that night. It was a good game, I enjoyed the company, and it was nice to be out of the house.

4&5. On Saturday, M got home about 7am, watched the Nebraska game until 3, then went back to bed for his 2nd 11pm to what ended up being 11am shift. I decided I wasn't going to just let my day be ruined because he had to work. I got up and went into town to shop for Christmas decor. I got some $1 glass vases and some small cheap ornaments and started on the top of the piano. I plan on getting some lights and garland to add there, too. I also started wrapping some of the gifts we already have.I've also taken advantage of ordering some things online and am expecting them this week!

6&7. M's parents sent me an early Christmas present in the form of money to buy curtains. I finally found these at Z Gallerie in Nashville at Green Hills Mall. I love the modern, geometric pattern. They look navy in the picture, but they're supposed to be "charcoal" or "ash" gray. I've figured out that my new color is gray. Hopefully that doesn't say anything about my personality...or does it?

This week M has training in Nashville, so I'm going to hope the week goes by fast and try to get some things accomplished. There is only a week and a half until we leave for Virginia and I couldn't be more excited! Bring on the Holidays!


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