What I'm Lovin' Wednesday

Oct 12, 2011

I'm loving this cool weather! The leaves are already starting to turn and fall. The crisp mornings feel wonderful and inspire me to cook warm comfort food.

 We've had chili and cornbread twice and tonight we are trying our own version of Spicy Sausage Lentil Soup. We shaped our recipe around the original found here. 

Recently, I've really enjoyed trying new recipes- soups, breads, desserts. They've all turned out surprisingly very well! 

This week I've got training in Nashville and am having to drive 45 minutes in the morning and 45 minutes home in the evening. I'm actually enjoying the drive as it has given me time to unwind and sing to my heart's content.

Of course, I'm still enjoying Pinterest. It has been where I have found many of the different recipes I've tried. It also is so neat to see how many creative things people can come up. I'm inspired every time I visit! 

I'm loving this time with my husband. M and I have really had fun together recently- even if it's just something as simple cooking dinner together or watching shows we like as we unwind in the evening. It is so important to a marriage to still do the "simple" things together.

I'm loving Chris Medina's song about his fiance- "What Are Words". Warning: It's a tear jerker. Not only has this song inspired me to be more true to the words I vowed to my husband, but also be more aware of the words I say to others. I am going to be more committed to doing what I say I'm going to do- whether it's pray for someone, actually call them after a "we haven't talked in so long, let's catch up- I'll call you!", or just follow through with something I've said I will do. "What are words if you really don't mean them when you say them?"

I'm LOVING my bohemian dress from Rue 21. It is the most comfortable dress I've ever owned. The top is stretchy tube-top-like, and it is long and flowy straight down to my toes. The pattern is great and it look so cute with a sweater and a belt. It's like the picture below, except with bright orange and teal patterns. I didn't think it was me, but once it was on- I fell in love!

I'm loving being able to make plans spontaneously. M and I are going to visit our good friend Jeremiah (one of M's groomsmen) in Alabama this weekend- and it was planned literally yesterday. It feels good to finally have a little extra money to do things that we enjoy. 

What are you loving today? 


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