Oct 31, 2011

On Saturday night, we went to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Carrabba's, and did some shopping at Whole Foods and Bass Pro Shop. I had my favorite- Pasta Carrabba and Blackberry Sangria. I have yet to replicate either recipe, but am looking forward to some attempts! I've been making tons of soup/chili the past few weeks so I got some lentils in bulk and have plenty to last us for spicy Italian Sausage & lentil soup.

Sunday morning we woke up late and M fixed us breakfast - uncured, all-natural bacon and organic, unbleached corn grits. He's a great breakfast chef! After breakfast, we went into town, ran some errands, and ended up taking a long drive out in the country looking for houses for sale. We found some pretty areas and enjoyed the pretty colors on the trees. Afterward, M came home and did some work on his truck. We ended up having a pretty productive evening, as we were able to clean out and organize the shed and I was able to switch our summer clothes for our winter clothes and make the annual "giveaway" pile. Here in Dickson we've found the Help Center and have chosen to donate our things to them. I enjoyed the beautiful mums on our front porch and was able to use my new lens to grab some pretty shots. 

I'm looking forward to this week. We're planning on hitting the gym and finding a place to go camping this coming weekend. I want a big fire, pretty scenery, and s'mores. What are you looking forward to?


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