ten day challenge: six places, five foods

Sep 1, 2011

Six Places

one. My childhood home.
I don't have a good picture of the house I lived in from age six until college, but it's the place that holds so many precious memories. It's one of those places, aside from my home with husband, that I feel completely comfortable.

two. Jamaica.
I'll never forget my time there and the beautiful people I met. My heart longs to go back and I'm hoping to make it a reality some day.

three. NYC.
I've been to New York twice, for the same reason- a prayer conference at the Brooklyn Tabernacle. It was amazing the first go 'round and a friend and I explored parts of Brooklyn around the church. The second go 'round, however, was even more amazing. My friend Fain and I decided to skip out on the prayer conference, sneak off to the Subway, and head for Time Square. It was the most fun I think I've ever had. I want to go back so badly. I love the city.

four. Greece.
I've wanted to visit Greece for a LONG time. Maybe someday!
five. Venice, Italy.
I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Venice. It looks beautiful and so full of culture. 

six. Home Sweet Home.
We've lived in our home for about 3 months. Our very first home together as a married  couple. We couldn't have asked for a better starter home. It fits us so well and has such character. I love knowing this is OUR home. 

FIVE FOODS....in picture.

Can you tell I struggle with carbs? No wonder I can't seem to get flat abs....
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  1. I thought I commented yesterday whoopse!!! Was your trip to Jamaica a missions trip? I really really really want to see Italy and Greece. Hopefully someday I'll get my Europe trip.

    I LOVE carbs.