What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Aug 3, 2011

I'm LOVING.....that I have been blessed with interviews and job options. As much as I see statistics about unemployment, I feel so thankful to the Lord that He has brought these opportunities into my life.

I'm LOVING.....that my sister's days off got approved and she'll be able to visit around the same time as my parents in September! I miss her so much and will be glad to have her here for a few days.

I'm LOVING....Charming Charlie! I first went to the store in Northern Virginia, but have since been going to the one at Green Hills Mall in Nashville. I'll admit- the Green Hills Mall has tons of stores that are a bit above my price range. You know when there's a Tiffany & Co in the mall that you're talking high dollar. Anyway, Charming Charlie is an amazing store full of accessories that are SO affordable! And the great thing is the entire store is grouped by color so if you need to accessorize a certain outfit, they make it so easy to find something! 

I'm LOVING....that I'm a fan of JJ Heller on Facebook because she posted a link to her blog today! Can you say wonder-woman? She has an amazing voice, a strong testimony through her music, is expecting, has the cutest little girl, and probably quite a bit of money, but her blog is all about DIY projects and finding good deals. She can do everything! She sews her little girls clothes, she paints art on her walls....everything! I know I shouldn't compare myself to others, but I'll admit I did feel a bit insecure after reading her blog and seeing her many talents. On a positive note, she has inspired me to start sewing again...and more than a square pillow! I'm envisioning baby clothes, clothes for me, etc. Now to find a cheap sewing machine that works!

I'm LOVING....Pinterest! Below are some of the cute outfits I'm excited to try in the fall. I've pinned them to my "My Ideal Wardrobe" Board. 
LOVE the boots with the leggings and wrap dress...and no, that isn't me in the picture.
LOVE this outfit- it's so casual but still looks mature enough.
I LOVE jeans with white shirts- such a nice contrast. The belt adds such a great touch and tucking the shirt in adds a classier look to a more casual outfit!

 I'm LOVING....gaining new followers! I've gotten several very positive comments on some recent posts and it really does feel good. I often wonder if anyone ever reads my posts or what they think- so it's been really uplifting to get some positive feedback. I'm up to 43 followers! I'm no Kelly Hampton with almost fifteen thousand followers or Ree Drummond with even more, but as long as I'm writing to enjoy it - I'm just happy when others can enjoy it, too!  

I'm LOVING....taking pictures! I'd love to add more pictures of me and what goes on in my life to my posts. I think it makes the blog a bit more personal. However, I'm still working on not being afraid to bring my camera in random places. I mean, I can't get pictures of "normal" life if I'm not willing to bring my camera in to places like a nightly run to DQ or to a cool restaurant we hit up for lunch. I'm working on it. I KNOW it will be easier to do once I have kids, because they can be my excuse. But for now, I'll work on becoming as good as Kelly Hampton and Pioneer Woman. Maybe ONE DAY I'll be able to do EVERYTHING! ha!

Have a great Wednesday everyone!



  1. So happy to have found your blog. Loving your loves....especially Charming Charlie...was just there this week and got 3 pairs of earrings for $11!

  2. Great Post! I love those Steve Madden boots!

  3. Love Charming Charlie's! I also just love how it's grouped by color, such a great idea!

  4. oh we just got a charming charlie around my way - i haven't ventured in (and wasn't planning to) but maybe i will now after reading this post! Thanks!
    Trish @ Tales from ...

  5. I had never heard of Charming Charlie. Wow I even passed it onto my sister! Your blog is awesome I love the title...I'll be follower #45!