Aug 5, 2011

Ever since I found the store, Restoration Hardware. I've wanted to re-decorate our entire house. It's such a mature look, yet rustic and relaxed. 

Instead of buying pillows and spending hundreds of dollars, I bought the fabric and iron-on-paper and went to town!

Here were the results (excuse the poor picture quality and lighting)

I'll eventually change the yellow pillow- but for now- one project at a time!

I printed the images from online- the clock one from a google image search and the bicycle one from a $1 download from Etsy. 

This was a fun project. They look great with a lot of the vintage items we have in our living room, including an old 50's Singer sewing machine, an antique typewriter, and an old trunk we're using as our coffee table. 

And while I had the sewing machine, I made my friend Beth's sweet little girl a tiny little dress. It's pretty rough looking, but cute! I'll post a picture after I give it to her next week!

We're leaving this weekend to meet my parents in Pigeon Forge for the weekend and then I get to go home with them for a few days! Pretty excited about that, although I will miss M while I'm gone. However, I won't miss the chores, housework, cooking, and staying home alone most of the day.

Next week's post you don't want to miss?

A recap of Grace's and my TOUR OF THE GRAND OLE OPRY! 
Have a great relaxing weekend!


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