Miscellany Monday

Jul 25, 2011

{1} I thee wed.
I am LOVING married life! Even though we dated for almost six years before we were married, it just feels so amazing knowing that this is my life and that M and I have so much to look forward to. 
{two} Travels.
After we got back from our honeymoon, we spent the rest of the weekend hanging out with family and friends before making the long drive to our home in Tennessee. We were home for one night, then had to pack again for a week in Nashville for M's job. I had tons of fun in Nashville. Green Hills Mall is amazing and I enjoyed finding my way around downtown. We only live about an hour away so we both are excited about going back and exploring some great restaurants, concerts, and landmarks.
{three} wholly moly!
In my explorations, I discovered an amazing shopping center right in Green Hills, complete with Anthropologie, Zoe's Kitchen, and WHOLE FOODS! M and I are big on organic and natural foods and our little town of Dickson has no health food store anywhere! We were ecstatic to find this store. We had lunch there this past week and even went back Saturday to get our groceries for the week. We've decided to make the trek to Nashville to do our grocery shopping from now on. It's worth it to us to have good, organic food. 
 {four} 9 to 5
First of all, I just want to give all the glory to the Lord for #4. I've been back and forth about what my role is now that I'm 8 hours away from the only place I've lived. I worked hard in college, got my degree in Psychology, have worked as a clinician with the developmentally disabled for the past two years, was accepted to two different graduate schools, and ALMOST hired as a case manager before we found out we were moving. I feel like I've accomplished too much to move here and just spend my time staying at home at this point in my life. I want to be a stay at home mom, but until M and I decide to start trying for a family, I need to be working and making a difference. I haven't been worried, however, because through this entire transition, God has taught me that I can have complete confidence in Him. He has provided so much, so my job was to trust, apply, and be patient. All that to say, I couldn't sleep the night we got back home, so I got up and started applying for jobs. The VERY next day I got a call to set up an interview with a company whose HQ is in Nashville. The position is in our town, but they do all the interviews at HQ. Isn't that ironic considering we were already going to be in Nashville for M's work? I also got a call this past Thursday from anther company to set up an interview for the next morning. Both interviews went pretty well, however, the 2nd one was much better. I basically got an informal job offer. I'm waiting to hear back from company #1 before I call #2 back and let them know I am interested. I feel so blessed. All this in not even a week after we were back at our home. The Lord has just blessed so much. We are so thankful. (The picture is my interview outfit. I opted for simple, nothing flashy. I felt good, professional, and confident!)
 {five}Let us have fellowship one with another
 This past Sunday was the first one we've been in town for since we've been married. Finding a good group of believers to serve alongside, encourage, and be encouraged by is very important to us. We visited one larger church in the area. We decided to go back a couple more times, but keep looking for other churches, as well. We want to find a church that is strong, doesn't water down the Word of God, preaches the Truth, and is involved in reaching the community with Christ. As for me, I'm really excited about when the Lord finally leads us to where he would have us for this time in our lives. I'm excited to get involved and make an impact. 
Our wedding pictures should be done in the next week or two. I am SO excited to see the rest of them! Chelsa Yoder Photography did an amazing job. It helped that she's a friend and knows our family well. She is so talented and I can't wait to share some of our favorite pictures with you! 

Happy Monday, everyone!

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  1. Your wedding dress is stunning! And whole foods rocks! :)