Let's Get Together, Yeah Yeah Yeah....

Jul 9, 2011

This time tomorrow, I'll be getting on my honeymoon cruise! That's right, I'm getting married.......


I can't wait to marry M this evening. I can't wait to look him in the eyes and promise him the rest of our lives. 
 So of course this means I'll be on a blogging hiatus for the next week, but I'll be sure to post wedding and honeymoon pictures when I get back! Slowly but surely I WILL share all my DIY things with the blogging world! 
Until then, I'll be sayin' my vows and then cruisin' to the Bahamas! 

Have a great week!

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  1. Happy Wedding Day Kelsea! I can't wait to hear (and see!) all about it. I'm sure everything will go wonderfully...it's absolutely beautiful out right now :-). Thinking of you...