Jul 29, 2011

Can I be honest? this week has just been no good. I've been at home everyday alone while M is at work and it has been lonely and boring. 

I know there are things I can do to pass the time - productive things- but this week my desire to do a little "Kelsea pep-talk" has been zilch. I've just missed M while he's at worked, missed my family a ton, and been in a PMS-induced funk. 

I'll get out of it, I know, but it has just not been fun. 

On the positive side, I did have interviews last week and both of the went well because I got calls to schedule second interviews. 

One of them was yesterday and it went very well. I basically have a job offer pending a background and driving record check. I should pass those with ease. 
The other interview with another company is on Monday when I will actually get to shadow someone in the position I am applying for. As much as I have a good feeling about company #1, I just think it is wise to explore all the options and meet different people. 

The position? Mental Health Case Manager- at both companies. Pay is about the same, location is the same. I pretty much just need to get a really good feel for my potential co-workers and  how the business is run and decide from there (assuming they both offer). 
These two interviews have definitely been confidence boosters. I feel that as much as I can be silly and have a great time, I can also be professional and make a lasting impression on others. 

So I'm holding onto that this week as my positive. Most of all I'm holding onto the promises of God that he will take care of his children. Not always in the ways they'd like, and not without struggle, but He will provide. Glory to Him. 
Since the last couple posts have been on food, or maybe just the last one, I thought I'd continue the theme in today's post.

Yesterday, after a really great second interview with company #1, I got home feeling a bit better, a bit more perked up, a bit more positive. 

So I decided to make a second batch of ginger lemonade. I also was inspired by this post from Kristen over at Vignettes from the Veranda and decided I needed to infuse some water! 

My ginger lemonade went as follows...
Please ignore my messy stove. Guess you can see we had spaghetti for dinner one night. :/

As you can probably guess, this is extremely simple to make. Boil the tea bag for a few minutes and then mix the lemonade and ginger tea according to how strong you like your ginger. 

I got this awesome bottle for a few dollars at a local store. I knew it was perfect to store some homemade drinks in!

Ginger lemonade is the perfect drink for a hot day. It's just sweet enough and really hydrates!

Next on the agenda was Kristin's infused water! I was excited about this. All I really had though were oranges and lemons, so I call this, Citrus Water. The caterers at our wedding had something similar. The fruit adds such a nice touch of flavor...a hint, really.

Did I mention I LOVE Carrabba's? Call me crazy, but I really could eat there every night! 
One thing I love is their bread and dipping sauce. It's a mixture of herbs with olive oil, but by the way it tastes you wouldn't think it was that simple.
We had some bread that we needed to use so I thought that along with our dinner, we'd have some and I'd try to copy Carrabba's recipe.

I found a great recipe on Want to try it? Go here.

You take the herbs and spices mentioned...
 Mix the spices together and then pour a tiny bit of olive oil and a spritz of lemon juice into the herbs and spices bowl (this adds to the texture of the mix). 
 Once done, put the herbs at the bottom of a flatter serving dish (for ease of dipping)....
 and then pour olive oil into the bowl. Seriously, it's that simple. 
 We had sourdough bread and chose to warm it up in the oven a few minutes before we ate. 

It was so good I may just have to fix it again SOON! 
On another positive note (I'm trying this week, really!), one of my bestest friends, and a bridesmaid in my wedding, Grace is coming to visit! 
 Isn't she gorgeous? She has the most amazing voice and loves music. I'm hoping to show her some really cool spots in Nashville while she's hear. We both LOVE country music! 

I'm going to pick her up as we speak and she'll be with us all of next week! I'm so excited that while I'm not starting work for awhile I can have time to have friends come down. 

So that's what I made this week.
And that's what I'll be doing this weekend and next week! 

What kind of fun things have you tried recently? Any good plans for the weekend?



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