Back Porch Sittin'

Jul 26, 2011

As busy as we've been the past month, M and I are loving just having this time together to relax. I love getting have him all to myself for awhile and steal as many kisses as I want. One of the things we enjoy doing is putting dinner together. M is wonderful with a grill. Here's a few shots of our relaxing evenings so far. 
 1. Shiskebabs with bison, squash, whole garlic cloves, sweet onions, and red potatoes.  
2. We had just finished setting up the chairs, table, and loveseat from my grandparents. It's wonderful to sit out on the back porch and relax.
3. As it got darker, I put out all the glass vases we had at our wedding and lit some candles. 
4. One of my DIY projects. Took several shapes, including "love", our monogram, and "C" for our last name, taped it to the glass, then sprayed frost around it. The candlelight really helps it stand out. 

I can't wait to spend more time out on the back porch for dinners and evenings cuddled up with my husband and intimate conversation. My heart is longing for fall, crisp leaves, warm smells, and weather just cool enough to curl up in a sweater.

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  1. Yay! I found you! I'll go check and see if you showed up in my reader...I'm soooo ready for fall too! We are certainly kindred spirits! So happy to hear you're enjoying newlywedhood :-)