Jul 29, 2011

Can I be honest? this week has just been no good. I've been at home everyday alone while M is at work and it has been lonely and boring. 

I know there are things I can do to pass the time - productive things- but this week my desire to do a little "Kelsea pep-talk" has been zilch. I've just missed M while he's at worked, missed my family a ton, and been in a PMS-induced funk. 

I'll get out of it, I know, but it has just not been fun. 

On the positive side, I did have interviews last week and both of the went well because I got calls to schedule second interviews. 

One of them was yesterday and it went very well. I basically have a job offer pending a background and driving record check. I should pass those with ease. 
The other interview with another company is on Monday when I will actually get to shadow someone in the position I am applying for. As much as I have a good feeling about company #1, I just think it is wise to explore all the options and meet different people. 

The position? Mental Health Case Manager- at both companies. Pay is about the same, location is the same. I pretty much just need to get a really good feel for my potential co-workers and  how the business is run and decide from there (assuming they both offer). 
These two interviews have definitely been confidence boosters. I feel that as much as I can be silly and have a great time, I can also be professional and make a lasting impression on others. 

So I'm holding onto that this week as my positive. Most of all I'm holding onto the promises of God that he will take care of his children. Not always in the ways they'd like, and not without struggle, but He will provide. Glory to Him. 
Since the last couple posts have been on food, or maybe just the last one, I thought I'd continue the theme in today's post.

Yesterday, after a really great second interview with company #1, I got home feeling a bit better, a bit more perked up, a bit more positive. 

So I decided to make a second batch of ginger lemonade. I also was inspired by this post from Kristen over at Vignettes from the Veranda and decided I needed to infuse some water! 

My ginger lemonade went as follows...
Please ignore my messy stove. Guess you can see we had spaghetti for dinner one night. :/

As you can probably guess, this is extremely simple to make. Boil the tea bag for a few minutes and then mix the lemonade and ginger tea according to how strong you like your ginger. 

I got this awesome bottle for a few dollars at a local store. I knew it was perfect to store some homemade drinks in!

Ginger lemonade is the perfect drink for a hot day. It's just sweet enough and really hydrates!

Next on the agenda was Kristin's infused water! I was excited about this. All I really had though were oranges and lemons, so I call this, Citrus Water. The caterers at our wedding had something similar. The fruit adds such a nice touch of flavor...a hint, really.

Did I mention I LOVE Carrabba's? Call me crazy, but I really could eat there every night! 
One thing I love is their bread and dipping sauce. It's a mixture of herbs with olive oil, but by the way it tastes you wouldn't think it was that simple.
We had some bread that we needed to use so I thought that along with our dinner, we'd have some and I'd try to copy Carrabba's recipe.

I found a great recipe on Want to try it? Go here.

You take the herbs and spices mentioned...
 Mix the spices together and then pour a tiny bit of olive oil and a spritz of lemon juice into the herbs and spices bowl (this adds to the texture of the mix). 
 Once done, put the herbs at the bottom of a flatter serving dish (for ease of dipping)....
 and then pour olive oil into the bowl. Seriously, it's that simple. 
 We had sourdough bread and chose to warm it up in the oven a few minutes before we ate. 

It was so good I may just have to fix it again SOON! 
On another positive note (I'm trying this week, really!), one of my bestest friends, and a bridesmaid in my wedding, Grace is coming to visit! 
 Isn't she gorgeous? She has the most amazing voice and loves music. I'm hoping to show her some really cool spots in Nashville while she's hear. We both LOVE country music! 

I'm going to pick her up as we speak and she'll be with us all of next week! I'm so excited that while I'm not starting work for awhile I can have time to have friends come down. 

So that's what I made this week.
And that's what I'll be doing this weekend and next week! 

What kind of fun things have you tried recently? Any good plans for the weekend?


A Thirst Quencher and Cooking Gone Burnt

Jul 28, 2011

One of my favorite places to eat is Carrabba's. I absolutely love Italian food and their Pasta Carrabba is my favorite dish! It's even better paired with their Blackberry Sangria. I usually allow myself to indulge in the sweet drink along with my pasta- it's the most delicious combination. 

Because I don't always want to have to drive to Carrabba's every time I crave one of these things with dinner, I decided to make my own! I looked up recipes and stopped by the local wine shop to check out their options. 

They didn't have what the recipe called for so I decided to make my own! I got a bottle of blackberry wine and stopped by Kroger for oranges and blackberries. I had some sweet, white wine at home leftover from our wedding supply that I thought I'd mix in with it.

So...I grabbed a pitcher and filled it with the following:
3/4 bottle of Blackberry wine
1/5 bottle of Chateau Morrisette Sweet Mountain Laurel
3/4 Cup of Santa Cruz Lemonade
4 Orange slices
8 Blackberries

I let it sit in the fridge for a few hours to get maximum flavoring from the fruit. 

Here's what we ended up with! It was bit sweeter than Carrabba's, but still very tasty. It was the perfect cook drink for a hot Tennessee afternoon. I added some ice after it was in the glass to help it stay cool longer. 

On to the burnt part of this post....

I decided I wanted to try Sweet Potato fries. We got these HUGE sweet potatoes at Whole Foods and I just didn't feel like baking them whole as usual. 
So I peeled them...
 cut them up...
and added these things to the mix.

The result, you're wondering?

I left them in the oven too long. And they burnt. And so we ate some of the good ones (which were delicious), but threw away the burnt ones. And I was so frustrated that I forgot to get pictures of the results.

I also made M muffins to take to work and burnt those too. I'm blaming it on PMS this week. Just can't seem to get anything right this week. Maybe next week!

Any good recipes you've tried? I'm always looking for new ones to try. If left to my imagination, we'd just keep having the same thing with little variation. 


What I'm Loving Wednesday

Jul 27, 2011
I'll admit- it took me a little while to understand Pinterest. I just didn't really get the point. However, I now am inspired every time I go to my profile and see all the amazing things people have "pinned" to their virtual boards.  You can define yourself through pictures, get inspired for your home, and on and on. 

The other day while taking a trip into town, I asked M if he had ever heard of Pinterest. He had this confused look on his face and said, "What? Pinterest? I have no clue." 

I have to remind myself that unlike me, M spends his time online browsing the likes of Drudge Report and Husker Max, not Pinterest, Blogs, and Etsy. 
I found myself explaining Pinterest to M like this: "It's kind of like Google Images. Except the girl version. And way better". 

So there you have it. A girl version of google images. 
Anyway, the last "board" I made on Pinterest was titled...
'Things That Make Me Happy"
or for today in blogger world...

"What I'm Loving Wednesday".
Allow me to introduce some things that make me smile and sigh with happiness.

 1. A hot bubble bath up to my neck.
2. Small kittens. No I'm not a crazy cat lady, but I can't help but squeal every time I see a little kitten.
3. Barefoot in soft, cool, green grass. 
4. Country Music. 
5.A light, cool breeze. Add in a hammock and a good book...mmmhhh.
6. Italian Food. Especially Fettuccine. I'd eat it every night if I could.
7. Family. It's amazing how God has allowed my family- my husband, parents, sister - to also be my best friends.
8. Babies. I have always wanted to be a mom. I've struggled lately with knowing when is the right time. Right now, I know it is good for me to work. And although I do want to be a stay-at-home mom and homeschool my kids, I do believe that it is important to still do things outside of the home- for you, for your husband, etc. It is healthy to still maintain other roles in your life aside from mother. Anyway, I could write about my views on motherhood and womanhood forever, but I'm so excited about that time in our lives. I know that when the time is right- when God has in mind for us to be parents- we will be. I can't wait. :)

So what are YOU loving this Wednesday?

Back Porch Sittin'

Jul 26, 2011

As busy as we've been the past month, M and I are loving just having this time together to relax. I love getting have him all to myself for awhile and steal as many kisses as I want. One of the things we enjoy doing is putting dinner together. M is wonderful with a grill. Here's a few shots of our relaxing evenings so far. 
 1. Shiskebabs with bison, squash, whole garlic cloves, sweet onions, and red potatoes.  
2. We had just finished setting up the chairs, table, and loveseat from my grandparents. It's wonderful to sit out on the back porch and relax.
3. As it got darker, I put out all the glass vases we had at our wedding and lit some candles. 
4. One of my DIY projects. Took several shapes, including "love", our monogram, and "C" for our last name, taped it to the glass, then sprayed frost around it. The candlelight really helps it stand out. 

I can't wait to spend more time out on the back porch for dinners and evenings cuddled up with my husband and intimate conversation. My heart is longing for fall, crisp leaves, warm smells, and weather just cool enough to curl up in a sweater.

Miscellany Monday

Jul 25, 2011

{1} I thee wed.
I am LOVING married life! Even though we dated for almost six years before we were married, it just feels so amazing knowing that this is my life and that M and I have so much to look forward to. 
{two} Travels.
After we got back from our honeymoon, we spent the rest of the weekend hanging out with family and friends before making the long drive to our home in Tennessee. We were home for one night, then had to pack again for a week in Nashville for M's job. I had tons of fun in Nashville. Green Hills Mall is amazing and I enjoyed finding my way around downtown. We only live about an hour away so we both are excited about going back and exploring some great restaurants, concerts, and landmarks.
{three} wholly moly!
In my explorations, I discovered an amazing shopping center right in Green Hills, complete with Anthropologie, Zoe's Kitchen, and WHOLE FOODS! M and I are big on organic and natural foods and our little town of Dickson has no health food store anywhere! We were ecstatic to find this store. We had lunch there this past week and even went back Saturday to get our groceries for the week. We've decided to make the trek to Nashville to do our grocery shopping from now on. It's worth it to us to have good, organic food. 
 {four} 9 to 5
First of all, I just want to give all the glory to the Lord for #4. I've been back and forth about what my role is now that I'm 8 hours away from the only place I've lived. I worked hard in college, got my degree in Psychology, have worked as a clinician with the developmentally disabled for the past two years, was accepted to two different graduate schools, and ALMOST hired as a case manager before we found out we were moving. I feel like I've accomplished too much to move here and just spend my time staying at home at this point in my life. I want to be a stay at home mom, but until M and I decide to start trying for a family, I need to be working and making a difference. I haven't been worried, however, because through this entire transition, God has taught me that I can have complete confidence in Him. He has provided so much, so my job was to trust, apply, and be patient. All that to say, I couldn't sleep the night we got back home, so I got up and started applying for jobs. The VERY next day I got a call to set up an interview with a company whose HQ is in Nashville. The position is in our town, but they do all the interviews at HQ. Isn't that ironic considering we were already going to be in Nashville for M's work? I also got a call this past Thursday from anther company to set up an interview for the next morning. Both interviews went pretty well, however, the 2nd one was much better. I basically got an informal job offer. I'm waiting to hear back from company #1 before I call #2 back and let them know I am interested. I feel so blessed. All this in not even a week after we were back at our home. The Lord has just blessed so much. We are so thankful. (The picture is my interview outfit. I opted for simple, nothing flashy. I felt good, professional, and confident!)
 {five}Let us have fellowship one with another
 This past Sunday was the first one we've been in town for since we've been married. Finding a good group of believers to serve alongside, encourage, and be encouraged by is very important to us. We visited one larger church in the area. We decided to go back a couple more times, but keep looking for other churches, as well. We want to find a church that is strong, doesn't water down the Word of God, preaches the Truth, and is involved in reaching the community with Christ. As for me, I'm really excited about when the Lord finally leads us to where he would have us for this time in our lives. I'm excited to get involved and make an impact. 
Our wedding pictures should be done in the next week or two. I am SO excited to see the rest of them! Chelsa Yoder Photography did an amazing job. It helped that she's a friend and knows our family well. She is so talented and I can't wait to share some of our favorite pictures with you! 

Happy Monday, everyone!

Blessed & Exhausted

Jul 18, 2011

Well, we're back after a super fun rehearsal dinner, an amazing wedding, and a pretty relaxed week of cruising. 

The wedding was truly everything that I envisioned it would be. I was so calm and relaxed and just ready to be M's wife. 

We just got back home last night and have only one night at home before we head to Nashville for M's work. I get to go with him and feel a bit like I'm on vacation again. 

Before I start furiously packing and running errands in town, I wanted to leave you with one of my favorite pictures from the wedding. A wonderful friend who is an amazing photographer captured our day perfectly. In fact, we planned our wedding around the dates she had available. She's THAT good, folks! 

I swear I should have been born in the 40's and had some elements of that era in mind when designing our wedding. I'll explain more later this week, but here you go.....

Thanks again to Chelsa Yoder Photography for capturing our day so perfectly.

More pictures to come!

Let's Get Together, Yeah Yeah Yeah....

Jul 9, 2011

This time tomorrow, I'll be getting on my honeymoon cruise! That's right, I'm getting married.......


I can't wait to marry M this evening. I can't wait to look him in the eyes and promise him the rest of our lives. 
 So of course this means I'll be on a blogging hiatus for the next week, but I'll be sure to post wedding and honeymoon pictures when I get back! Slowly but surely I WILL share all my DIY things with the blogging world! 
Until then, I'll be sayin' my vows and then cruisin' to the Bahamas! 

Have a great week!