What I'm (Going To Be) Wearing Wednesday!

Jun 29, 2011

If you haven't already figured it out, I adore a good sale! Even better is when I find something totally awesome at a thrift store that I can either tweak a little into a masterpiece or just give a good washing!

As I said yesterday, I spent the day with my grandparents earlier this week. My grandma and I usually hit up the local thrift store in search of a good find! Some days we have amazing finds, and some days are duds. Monday was a good find day. 

Also, I'd like to interject that for being in her 70's, my grandma has pretty good style most of the time. She dresses her age in a very nice way, but let me tell you something- the woman loves shoes and knows what a cute shoe is- even to a girl in her twenties! I've borrowed her shoes or even purses before and have been complimented on them or asked where I got them. I think she passed the cute shoe gene on to me and my mom!

She got these on sale at Chico's and is letting me borrow them for my honeymoon! Aren't they cute?
Anyways, as I was saying- I got some awesome finds at Goodwill. I'm no good at the self-portrait-of-the-outfit-in-the-mirror, so I recruited my mom to take some pictures for me!

Find #1: Ann Taylor Loft Skirt
 Isn't it cute? The shoes my mom got me when she went into Rack Room for a BOGO event. I love a wedge heel and peep-toe! 
Eeek! Excuse my terribly chipped polish!

 Find #2: Tropical Strapless Dress!
I know it's kind of crazy and loud, but it fit so well and I figured if they were having a fun themed night on the cruise this dress would be perfect!

The next couple of things weren't thrift store finds, but they were either on sale or I've gotten them over the past couple weeks for the trip!

My awesome Marley LIlly  derby hat with my almost new initials! Can't wait to wear this in the Bahamas!
 This one I got at Belk when they were having a 75% off sale. I got it for $14.99! I know it's not the most flattering to my figure, but it's SO comfortable. How cute would it be with a belt or a really festive necklace?

Anyway, I can't wait to go on our cruise. It'll be some much needed R&R time for M and I and I can't wait to just relax and turn our cell phones OFF! 

Also, I've been wanting a personalized hanger to hang my wedding dress on, but didn't want to pay the price of one on Etsy or wait the ship time. So....I just went to Michael's craft store and bought some wire and voila! I've made two already! Now I just need the hanger part, but the personalized part is done and looking cute! Next post!


  1. Kel, you look beautiful!! Can't wait for the big day and neither can the girls!! We love you lots!! Aunt Jan

  2. Adorable! Looks like you're all set for cruisin' :-) I can't wait to hear all about how the wedding goes. You're gonna be such a lovely bride!