Wedding Stationary

Jun 3, 2011

From the very beginning of wedding planning, I KNEW I wanted to design my own invitations. I love working with graphic design and although I don't know much about Photoshop, I know every darn thing there is to know about Picnik.

After browsing every single wedding blog I could find, I had an idea of how I wanted the entire set to look. I chose the colors, designed them using Picnik, saved them as JPEGS and took them on a CD to Staples to have them printed. The lady there was so helpful and helped me get the right shade I was going for and the right size. 

I personally think they turned out great!

This was sent as a post-card.

Excuse the black line - it is crossing out the address. The Staples lady printed out a sampler for me in which the yellow looked orange and the grey too dark. She worked with it a little and finally got this result. The yellow is defined as "saffron".
This was one of my favorite parts to design. I LOVE that it is still elegant and modern, yet is hopefully a preview of how much FUN our wedding will be! We've gotten some pretty good ones back so far! We wrote our address on the backs of these and sent them pre-stamped as post cards. All guests had to do was fill them out and stick them in the mail!

The Set
The smaller card is a directions/local accommodations card.
I had a blast designing these and I think they complement each other very well. 
Not only did these turn out great, in my opinion, but they certainly were super budget friendly. The stamps cost more than the stationary altogether! 

Printing Costs for all four items (save-the-date, invite, rsvp, directions card): $80.00

The only time consuming thing was then taking them home and cutting them to the right size, but it was totally worth it for the price!

While we're on the subject, I'd LOVE to design something for someone else's big day, especially if you're looking to stick to budget but have something nicer than Michael's craft store boxed invitation sets.  If you or someone you know is looking for affordable stationary, let me know! I can send a few samples and work with them to make something really great! 


  1. they turned out just lovely!! your RSVP card is so great. i love it! i wish we could go back in time so you could design my wedding stationary :)

  2. Those are SO cute!! I love the colors :)

  3. how exciting!! I love this. I want to try and do some diy things for my wedding :).


  4. Those look amazing! I am getting married soon, but we are really on a budget so I am big on DIY. But maybe I'll e-mail you down the road about prices . . . cause I kind of can't resist. :)