Of Pins & Needles

Jun 7, 2011

Last night, I fell asleep with all kinds of DIY projects in my mind. I kept coming up with all kind of little things to do with some of the projects I've got going on. 

My favorite kind of comforter is a down comforter. Any other kind just isn't as comfortable. I'm kind of a bed snob in that way. I also sleep on a down mattress topper. And boy, is it heaven. 

The other nice thing about down comforters? You can switch out duvet covers whenever you want! 

The down side (pardon the pun)? The things are so darn pricey! You can't really get one from pottery barn for less than $99, which is pretty up there when you're on a budget. 

I've always had the desire to make my own, but was kind of afraid of the sewing machine. 

My skills are limited to 4H Sewing and the little bit my mom tried to teach me before I would think I knew it all and dismiss her help with that little snotty attitude that I want to slap when I see nowadays. Anyways, the only thing I ever made that looked good was an apron. I tried to make a shirt once out of some pink silk material. When I was done and tried it on, you would have thought I was trying on my 4-year-old cousin's shirt that had first been torn up by some yappy dog. It wasn't good.

Needless to say, that shirt moment really influenced my future with sewing. 

But, I'm here to say - I'm going to give it a shot. I'm going to let go of my foolish pride and follow every SINGLE direction given in this post by Design Sponge. 

Doesn't that just look so easy? 

My materials? 

Recently M and I rummaged through his grandfather's garage and found an old Singer sewing machine made in '51. 

 That sucker still works! I'm going to go get the materials I need today - pins, thread, etc. - at the cutest little fabric/quilting shop here in my hometown. It's called Granny B's Quilt Shop.

I made a visit yesterday (after passing it 3 times because I was looking for it on the opposite side of the street the entire time) and it is amazing! Wall-to-wall fabric and sewing supplies. After I got a really nice conversation started with the lady who worked there, she informed me that they have all kinds of sewing classes, when their fabric sales were, and so on. She even took me back in the back classroom and showed me how to make a pillowcase. 

I'm not like some of those amazing bloggers who feel comfortable toting their camera EVERYWHERE and getting the coolest shots of their day,etc. However, I'm working on it! Until I reach that enlightened point, the camera on my Droid Pro phone will have to do for now. 

My only dilemma today will be what kind of fabric to buy. I want something for the guest room today and to cover the chairs in my kitchen. I'm thinking geometric and bright. I'll show you when I'm done! 
Oh and by the way - the pillows I wrote about yesterday? Well, I've decided to use the burlap I have to make these instead...

The burlap sacks have print on them and are too rough to make pillows. One day I'll get similar fabric that's a bit softer and doesn't have weird brand prints on them.

I'm so excited to try these new projects. Are there any new projects you're getting excited about?!

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  1. Those are some awesome projects! I have a terrible habit of starting projects and then NOT finishing them. Ahhh it's so bad! I need to start something and see it through!