The journey has begun....

Jun 7, 2011

to craftiness!

Today I spent TWO AND A HALF hours at Granny B's Quilt Shop. 

First, I brought in our old Singer sewing machine made in '51 (that we found in M's grandpa's attic) and asked the owner to take a look at it. Soon, three women from the local quilting guild stepped in to take a peek at the machine. 

We figured out that the cord I have is worn out and doesn't work. One of the ladies had a cord exactly like it and plugged it in. It worked! The threading is a little different as the....contraption? in the back. All the ladies "oooohed" and "aahhhheed" and talked about when they used to sew on something like this.
By the end of the first hour and a half, I had made several older lady friends and been invited to their weekly meeting a town away. One of the ladies is going to sell me her cord so I can get to sewing! Our old machine needs to be cleaned and I need to be taught how to use it. They were SO excited about helping me with that.

Next Monday I have a date. With old ladies and our sewing machines. 
Who said you can't make friends in new town in the first two weeks?
I did.
Not quite what I had in mind, but you know what - they're refreshingly funny and it's great to hear them talk about things. They get SO excited about sewing. 

Back to my project , I got some fabric today for my pillows. It's pretty rad. 

Because my sewing machine needs some work, I rented an old, featherweight Singer from the shop. Here is how that went down. 

All my fabric, the cute little rented sewing machine and my iron and ironing board.

I used the larger print for 2 larger pillows in the living room. 

I had the lady at the fabric store go ahead and cut the fabric into two pieces. It made it easier and I didn't have to measure and try to cut straight lines with my cruddy scissors. 
The piece of fabric for one of the pillows. 
I folded the piece of fabric in half - wrong side out.
I then ironed the middle crease to help keep the fabric from shifting and becoming uneven.
I then opened it back up and ironed on either side of the crease to get rid of any lines that were created from when it was folded up. 
I then proceeded to sew both sides, leaving the space on the end opposite of the middle crease to insert the pillow.
During this process, I had to look up videos on how to "refill" the bobbin and thread the thread back through to start sewing again. Those old machines are tricky. Something with the bobbin kept messing up and below is what happened about 200 times. 
I would have multiple strands coming out of the bottom - this ALWAYS happens to me when I sew. Maybe at my date on Monday I can figure out why!

When I was done with both sides, I then turned the case right-side-out. On the open edges, I folded them in about a half-inch and ironed them in attempt to make it easier to sew together.

Now that part was hard! Because the pillow was so huge, and because it was so stiff that I couldn't leave a small opening to stuff it into, I had to sew it closed with a top-stitch - with the pillow inside. 

I considered it my workout for the day.
Confession: I was sweating, it was so hardcore. 

Finally, even though the stitch is uneven and a tad bit ugly, I finally finished. 


 I also got fabric for a long pillow I have, but I'm not sure I like it now that it's on the couch next to the other ones. I didn't have enough fabric to do it like the other one so I ended up just patching it here and there and the front look great, but turn it around and well.....I won't be turning it around on the couch. And all those uneven seams are on the bottom - hopefully hidden!

 Doesn't that smaller pillow just look like mini rainbow flowers? Not how I thought it would look. I don't like it. So I'll be getting fabric to cover that eventually. 

I don't usually go for super bright colors, but since moving into this house - built in the 1920's and looking like it - I decided it needed some sprucing up. 

I'm no Young House Love, but I'm pretty proud of how they turned out. 

These pillows are as simple as you can get, but as I sew more, I'll become more skilled and can do some more complicated things. I'm MOST excited about making my own duvet covers and eventually....dresses! 

My project tomorrow? 

The four chairs at the table...

Some AWESOME "new" chairs!

Also, I'm super excited because my MarleyLilly hat came yesterday!

I plan to give you a preview of a honeymoon outfit soon! 

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