It's been one of those days...

Jun 9, 2011

Today, I've failed at putting together a post on all my DIY projects. I even failed at taking a picture of myself in a honeymoon outfit. 

So, this'll have to do.

M and I decided to wait until the weekend to re-do the kitchen chairs, so I was busy doing some other small projects:

- Spray paint Goodwill lamps
- Spray paint old stand-up mirror 

And I wanted to: 
-Sew more pillow covers
-Buy fabric for a duvet cover

Well, the spray-painting didn't go so hot. I got the wrong silver color for the lamps and had to go back and get the right one. Once I sprayed using the new color, it still isn't quite what I was looking for.

I spray-painted the mirror frame and it looks awful. I used a flat when I should have used a matte or a gloss finish. So I tried to go over it with a gloss and now it just looks worse. 

I need to work on my paint from a can skills.

M said he'd help me sand it down and get it looking nice. 

The fabric? and sewing? Well, fabric costs money and you need a working sewing machine to sew. So, I'm at a standstill for now.

This weekend's tasks? (pictures to come, I promise)

1. Sand and paint dresser for kitchen 
2. Build or buy guest bedroom bed frame
3. Move storage boxes upstairs

It'll be a good weekend and I think we'll get plenty done.

One last thing - I stayed up SO late last night (M had to work the night shift) and made Yo-Yo's:

No, these aren't the ones I made - just an example.
Hopefully, I'll be able to make some cute ones and use them to embellish just about anything. A purse, a tank top, a necklace, a pillow - you name it. Tutorial.

I just feel like zonking out on the couch- hence the completely unorganized post. 

For today, I'll leave you with this...

I love it. And I love M. 

I promise tomorrow's post will be somewhat more put-together. This girl will get her act together! 

Also, I just need you to know that originally I had titled this post "Random" as seen below.
and I go to click on Preview before I post this and this is what I see..
Now I really am not trying to be gross, but it's pretty obvious what that looks like in cursive. Yeah, that's what I thought. 


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