Holy Matrimony!

Jun 23, 2011

I'm getting married in 16 days. 

This weekend I'm heading home to Virginia for two weeks to stay with my parents and get things ready for the wedding.

As I've been making a list the past few nights, I've tried to remember everything I need to do and add it so I don't wind up forgetting something vitally important.

Here's the list so far:

1. Make centerpieces for the round tables
    Something like this minus the green...

2. Hang windows at ceremony site
    Something like this..

3. Print programs and put together as fans
   Something like this (without the ribbon):
Here's my design so far:
I'm still not sure if this is the final design I'm sticking with or not, I may play around with some other looks.

4. Order flowers from Fresh Market, get supplies, and put together
    I'm making my own bouquets and boutineers - something like these:

5. Buy extra-long sparklers
    Something like this:

6. Get outfits for rehearsal dinner/getaway/honeymoon!
7. Gather all DIY items and take to wedding site

8. Finalize last minute details:
   - chalkboard calligraphy
   - frame placement

9. Set-up!
   - Pick up chairs and tables and set up ceremony and reception site

10. Pick-up Bridesmaid's gifts

11- 100 (haha kidding): these are the spaces for all the little things I KNOW will come up before then. 

I'm really not stressing, but the organized side of me needs to have everything written down so I can know exactly what has or hasn't been done.

If I'm not blogging as much these few weeks, you'll know why!

But I promise to post pictures of the wedding - I have the most amazing photographer and her capturing our day is one the things I'm most excited about! 

Any of you already married ladies have any tips for the last minute wedding tasks? Ways to rid stress, etc? 


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  1. Last minute tips: DON'T FORGET TO EAT!!!! I know that sounds silly, but put it on your list of things to do each day. When I got super busy I totally got off regular eating schedules, and almost fainted one day. Not good. For stress management, just try to fit at least one relaxing thing in each day: a bubble bath, back rub, manicure, facial, massage, whatever! I'm sure you'll do great!