Jun 24, 2011

Originally I was going to do my own hair for the wedding. 

You know when you think something couldn't possibly be that hard - until you try it? 

That's kind of what happened to me last week. I've had an idea of how I wanted my hair for awhile. A little twist here, a little curl here, poof here and there, teasing lots of teasing - and voila! My hair was going to look like I just stepped out of Casablanca.

I'm wanting vintage/40's hair. Something like this:

I set out one afternoon to do a self-run-through. I even watched a tutorial on youtube! 

I bombed it. My hair was flat in all the wrong places and 5 minutes after getting the perfect curls, they fell flat. 

I can't even do the poof justice- much less get my hair to stay curled and neatly in place. 

I may have had a slight panic attack because it was 3 weeks before our wedding and I was SURE all the salons back home would be booked solid.

After expressing this concern to my soon-to-be mother-in-law (who is visiting this week), she made a phone call to her hairstylist who recommended a stylist at a salon across the street from her. 

I'll admit, I was a bit worried because I TOTALLY do not want someone to botch up my hair. 

Most of the up-do's I've seen done at salons in my hometown are just terrible.

Imagine ringlet curls and an entire can of Tresemme exploding into a crunchy, wet mess. 

NO thanks.

You see, I'm very sensitive and protective about my hair.

I almost cry every time I get my hair cut. It's always been long, so 3 inches feels like a whole foot!

Anyway, after a few phone calls to the stylist, Emily, I had booked a trial run through and a day-of appointment. 

This may sound bad, but I took a sigh of relief when I heard her voice and figured that she was probably in her mid-twenties.

I was still a little hesitant, but when I explained to her the look I was trying to go for and asked her if she felt like she could do something like that, she said that she had done the vintage look for her wedding when she got married and that she would LOVE to do something like that for me. 

I am SO relieved. I actually am very excited about my appointment with her and plan on bringing in several pictures to give her a good idea.

The nice thing about the wedding day? She's actually coming out to the ceremony location so I can just sit tight and relax instead of having to go all over town to get ready. 

I plan to sip a little of this...

and enjoy our day!

One of the things on my to do list is to get M a wedding present (nothing big) and my bridesmaids gifts. 

I know SOMEONE who reads my posts has got to have a few suggestions!

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  1. your hair choice is EPIC and beautiful. I bet it will look marvelous on you! I have no suggestions really about gifts because I just don't know how to buy gifts for others still. I'm a gift card type of lady :(. I know. So tacky. I heard of people doing bobble heads which is cool. But can be a bit pricey....

    Blessings girl! and don't sip too much champagne misthang!