The Befores and Afters: Day Two

Jun 14, 2011

Today's before and afters have been crossed off in black. Check out the pink links to see the posts for those before and afters!

Today's Before and After is my "Sweet Summertime" Banner!
The process is pretty self-explanatory. I cut out triangles from a burlap sack, got some twine, hot-glued along the edge where the triangles would hang, and folded the edge over the string and glue to give it an extra hold.

The After?
For the lettering, I bought plastic stencils at Walmart, laid them on the triangles, cut a hole in the paper to lay over the stencil and cut a little bigger hole in an old towel - just so I didn't get any paint on the triangles beside it. I then just took flat black spray paint and sprayed directly onto the burlap. You can tell I spray painted it, though, so if you have more time and patience, an acrylic paint with a paintbrush might be a little neater.
I even super-glued some little fabric yo-yos that I made onto the burlap to give it a pop of color and make it a little less plain. Since our porch isn't quite ready and needs to be cleaned, I thought it looked cute hanging from the railing for now. 
 Stay tuned tomorrow for another "Before & After"! 

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  1. Isn't it so satisfying crossing things off your list?? Nice work, girl!