The Befores and Afters: Day Three

Jun 15, 2011

Today's Before and After credit goes completely to M. He sanded, primed, and painted this dresser for our kitchen and did a great job! 

A couple months ago, M's grandfather who lives in Maryland let us browse through his garage - top and bottom - to see if we could find anything to use for our new house. 

We found some awesome antiques and got a lot of other cool stuff to use - a few outdoor chairs, some flower pots, etc.

Because we had already seen the inside of our house, we knew there was a space in the kitchen that was blank but had a pretty ugly wall. We knew we wanted to cover it up and also add something that would give us some "counter space"  - we're lacking!

This was the space BEFORE: we don't have an empty picture of it because it was used for Goodwill storage for awhile. BUT...I crossed that off my list today! 

 M and I found this cool dresser in his grandpa's garage and knew it was the perfect thing to put in that ugly space. 
 Before, as you can see from the areas M hadn't painted yet, it was an ugly yellow color. 
I think it looks ALOT better now!
 We added some small brushed nickel knobs from Lowe's. You can still see some of the ugly green ( that we can't do anything about -darn it!), but I think the dresser disguises some if it, anyways!
  After! Doesn't that space look SO much better? Because the kitchen was such an open space, we decided to use the wood table as sort of an "island" if you will. It really does help when I'm making dinner or putting dishes up. I have a place to prepare things, etc.

All this hard work really is paying off. And the changes have been SO affordable! 

Now if I could just get motivated to paint these chairs and put the re-upholstered pads back on them....

Maybe soon!

 P.S. - One of my best friends, Beth, is expecting a sweet little girl and is due around the time of my wedding! She's having her baby shower this weekend and because I can't make it, I wanted to do a little extra and make her little girl something crafty and cute......

It's amazing what hot-glue guns and fabric can do!

 Hope she loves them!


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