The Befores and Afters: Day One

Jun 12, 2011

Last week and this past weekend, I took on a ton of different projects around here. 

  • I sewed pillow covers for the living room
  • spray-painted Goodwill lamps, a mirror frame, and a few smaller frames
  • I got fabric and reupholstered our dining room chairs
  • We primed all four dining room chairs and am still working on painting them
  • I made my own "Sweet Summertime" banner with burlap and a hot glue gun
  • M sanded, primed, and painted an old dresser we're going to use in our kitchen to hide an ugly wall and use for some added counter space
  • found a super great deal at Marshall's on a Cynthia Rowley Duvet Cover for our bedroom
  • bought two black drum lampshades on sale at Target for $6 each
  • bought two awesome knobs at World Market  in Nashville and replaced the old ones on our "entertainment center"
You're thinking we're crazy, right? We may be, but it was fun knowing that we were working towards making our home look so much better. 

Because of the crazy amounts of DIY going on, 
I have decided to dub this week's blog posts series 
"The Befores and Afters".

Because many of the projects are still underway, I'll start Day One with something light and easy.

The trip to Nashville started with our need for a bed frame for the guest bedroom. M's family is coming to visit next weekend and we wanted to get the guest room looking nice and the mattress up off the floor before they arrive. We went to the Nashville West Shopping Center and drove around to explore what stores were there. 

We came across World Market and decided to browse around. It is now one of my favorite stores! So many cool decor items to choose from and some of it isn't too bad on the wallet. 

We didn't have a lot of money to spend, so we both met up after browsing separately with a small item. M with a surprise for his brother and me with two awesome knobs. 

This is the before and after result.
I just love the subtle change it was, yet how it adds just a cute pop of color!    
Two knobs = $8
Time to switch knobs= ten minutes (and priceless, because M did it)

We also scored a sweet duvet cover at Marshall's in the same shopping center. I've always wanted something modern and classic and had gray in mind for our bedroom.

Last week we did some major room re-arranging. Our house has two bedrooms downstairs and one larger loft area upstairs. The house is old and as a result, doesn't have central AC. All 3 bedrooms have a window unit in it (talk about a rise in the electric bill!). 

Originally our bedroom was upstairs (we thought it would be cool to have such an open area), the larger of the two bedrooms downstairs was the guest room, and the smaller was the office. 

That got old fast. Upstairs was always hot therefore, the AC unit was ALWAYS running.
Downstairs was so hot, too, but we didn't want to have to run two AC units at the same time. Our solution? We moved our bedroom from upstairs to the downstairs guest bedroom. We moved our office upstairs and our guest bedroom into the office. 

This is what the guest bedroom USED to look like BEFORE....
Because we're renting, we can't paint any of the rooms. This entire room is wall to wall wood. Wood floors, wood ceiling beams, and wood walls. If we ever have a chance to buy this place, those walls are either being replaced or painted! 
This is that same room AFTER as our bedroom... 
WITH the awesome duvet cover.
 I just love the new look. We rearranged the furniture and I think the duvet cover just ties in the white dresser and mirror. 

Oh, and how could I forget to show M's "section"...
The boy needs some help. 

Maybe that can be my next before & after, but I kind of doubt it. 
It's been so much fun making our house so pretty and welcoming. I feel good about making it look better despite not being able to change a whole lot because we're just renting. 

It's amazing what you can do with a little bit of sale searching, creativity, and time. 
I'll keep crossing off the projects on my lists as I write about them and link them up to their posts - that way if you're a bit behind, catching up won't be so hard!  

Stay tuned tomorrow for....whichever "Before & After" project gets finished next! We've got some good ones coming up!



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