Writer's Block

Apr 19, 2011

I've been sitting here at my computer for quite some time. 

It's a quiet night, not much to do. 

I can't seem to think of anything at all to write.

I suppose right now my life is too boring to write about.

Actually, that's not true. 

There's actually too much going on to gather my thoughts and write about. 

So many thoughts.

I can't keep 'em straight.

Meaning my brain can't compartmentalize them and neatly label them all appropriately like it seems to need to do. 

Ever been there? 

Why do we do that?

So for tonight, I leave you with one of my new favorite songs.

And yes, the video is a bit depressing.

Ignore the dead man at the beginning.

Just close your eyes.

Hit play then close your eyes.

Isn't that peaceful?


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