Wedding To DIY List

Apr 5, 2011

Over the past month and a half I've been collecting all sorts of things for my wedding projects. Last night I finally pulled them all from a pile in the corner and arranged them on my dining room table so I would SEE them and hopefully DO them! 

This picture includes frames I plan to spray-paint and use throughout the reception, signs I plan on nailing to a tree like a "crossroads direction thing", and 12X12 napkins I plan on sewing together and stuffing to make pillows and painting our initials or some other cool design on the front of the pillow. I'm getting so excited about doing all this, but most of it requires going outside in the grass to do - something that requires WARM WEATHER! 

Here's some other little hints of things I'm incorporating into my wedding. Forgive me as I have  compiled all these pictures and can't remember which wedding blog they come from. 

M has to come up with how to hang lights we have like this....we're thinking metal poles or something inexpensive.
I've got the letters....they just need spraypainting!
The apartment beside me was being remodeled and all their old windows (EXACTLY like these) were put out by the trash bin. I snatched them up before the trash men came and they're stashed in my apartment waiting to be hung from trees for the ceremony. I can't wait to see how it will look!
I'm going to add things like "New York #### miles", "Jackson Hole, WY, ##### miles", Photo Booth, etc.

I'm loving these inspirations! I can't wait for the wedding. Mostly because I'm ready to be M's wife, but also so I can put into play all these ideas that have been floating in my head for what feels like forever!

My theme is "vintage modern". The colors are goldenrod yellow/saffron and light gray with some touches of teal or pink.  I'm also hoping to use THIS idea for some lighting effects during the reception. 

Any other ideas? 

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  1. OMG, the EXACT same style as me. I LOVE all of it!