Apr 14, 2011

I'm so excited to write this post. After struggling for months, yes months, to find a good, affordable honeymoon destination - M and I finally agreed on one! 

Ah, the horror!!!
It started out with M wanting to fly to Jackson Hole, WY and stay in a hotel/cabin there and do all this "cool" stuff like bike and canoe and "who cares what the room and bed looks like"! I couldn't get it through M's head that a thin, ugly, floral, polyester comforter was just not good enough for our first night of marriage! 

Growing up - and I'm sure many of you ladies can relate- I've dreamed of what my honeymoon would be like. I've pictured something tropical, romantic, secluded - and my body being hot enough to wear a bikini and get away with it (still working on that part!!). After all, I will have just been married! 

For the past two months we have avoided the subject of honeymoon entirely for fear of having yet another argument over where and what we would do. A few weeks ago, I got motivated to pick up the search and try again. This time - it just worked out. 

After checking tons of resorts in Hawaii, Bahamas, St. Lucia, etc - it was clear that M and I could NOT afford a week at one of those nice places, plus food and drink, plus travel costs. It just wasn't an option, even with some help from a family member. M seemed to have finally let go of his Jackson idea (not that it wouldn't be a super fun vacation!) and I was able to convince him to talk about the possibility of a cruise. 

We've heard good and bad things about a cruise. We both know several people who have taken cruises and have heard their stories. The positives: all-inclusive, a different port every day, plenty to do right there on the ship. The negatives: cramped quarters, sharing the boat with tons of other people -including kids. We talked with the people we knew and decided that the good outweighed the bad. 


We booked a Carnival cruise to the Bahamas! Some of the things that we're really excited about? 

1. It's a 4 day cruise which allows us to get back to our parents on the Thursday after the wedding, say our goodbyes, gather our things, and get to our new home in time to relax before work on Monday. 

2. We will wake up every day at a new port - Freeport, Bahamas and then on to Nassau, Bahamas. We're excited because that means we aren't stuck on the ship all day and we can choose to go wander around the towns and beaches instead of  participating in "group" activities with hundreds of other people on the boat. 

3. The boat we chose is one of the only Carnival ships that actually has an Adults Only area with a pool, bar, and huge outdoor lounge area. I've seen pictures of cruises and the boat deck and pool are so crowded - especially with families with kids. We're not against kids, but we're very glad the adult-only section is there because we can relax hopefully with some privacy and peace and quiet - what a honeymoon should be!

4. Every meal is included- unless we want to eat at one of the specialty restaurants. Even room service is included! 

I think what makes me so excited is that we can pretty much do whatever we want and during the day we won't feel so stuck on the ship. Instead, when we wake up we will be somewhere new! 

We also chose a room with a window. A balcony room wasn't in our budget, but we at least wanted to be able to see outside and not feel so cramped in and stuffy. 

Anyone ever been on a cruise before? What are your thoughts? What did you like/not like? Any suggestions to make things go smoothly?


  1. i've never been on a cruise and must admit it isn't something I would willingly choose as a vacation or honeymoon. I just don't enjoy hovering over water or cramped quarters very much. lol BUT I can related to wanting to feel secluded with your man on your honeymoon. That is my desire someday as well. I'm glad you had time to stop in and write!


  2. Woohoo!!! A cruise will be so much fun - and very relaxing, I'm sure - which is what a honeymoon should be! We have never been, but hope to go on our very first this year. Very excited about it! I'm sure you'll be able to give us lots of tips once you return, and for that we will be grateful!