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Mar 24, 2011

It feels good to write again. The past month has been crazy. A ton has happened. Plans have been made,  changed, made again. 

Ready for this?

-I interviewed about 6 or 7 times for different positions. 

-I got offered an amazing case manager position with amazing benefits and salary - meaning I could go from working 3 tiny jobs to working 1 big job.

-M (an engineering major at VT) went to an engineering job fair at his school and got offered a position RIGHT ON THE SPOT with TVA. 

-He went for an official interview the next day and was offered the job. 

-Two weeks after that they paid for us to go down (8 hours away) to his new job, meet with his boss, get to know the area and confirm the decision.

-We met with his boss, felt peace about the job, and found an amazing house to rent all in the same day. 

-I didn't feel right taking the position knowing I'd be leaving in a few months so I met with the ladies who hired me and was honest with them. They seemed to respect the fact that I was honest, but let me know that that specific job is unfortunately not an option anymore at this point. However, they said they were so impressed with me that they'd like to find a temporary position for me. 

To  sum it all up.......

M and I will be moving 8 hours away. He starts mid-may. We have a house there. I'm waiting to hear if I need to continue the small jobs until we move or if the company has a temporary position for me. M and I feel so blessed and totally see God working in our lives. 

There will be a ton of changes coming up, but we're so excited about them! 

Also during this time I've been doing wedding planning and giving myself DIY projects like crazy. I'm going to try to blog more and write more about those projects - success or failures!

I've missed blogging and look forward to writing more and gaining more readers! Don't miss out on updates about wedding plans and ideas, my weight loss/healthy eating journey, and more.

Don't give up on me yet! 

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  1. glad to see GOD is overfilling your life!! So excited :).