Feb 16, 2011

Have I ever mentioned that as organized as I am, I'm all the more indecisive? M and I went to go register a few days after I got back from Jamaica. It was so much fun, I loved envisioning everything in our future home. 


I have changed the plates, the duvet covers, and other things numerous times. 

I've gone from these plates at Macy's (at $48.00 a place setting)....

{via} these plates at Target (at $49.99 for an entire 16 piece set - 4 place settings)...

 Isn't it weird how entirely different the two sets are? I originally changed them because of the price - I didn't feel right asking our family and friends to spend almost $50 on one place setting, knowing it was only 1/4 or 1/8 of what we needed. With this lower set from Target, we can get everything we need in only two purchases from our guests - leaving us with more and our guests feeling like they got us a "complete" gift. That makes sense right? 

Also, the first design is very clean cut. The second more informal, relaxed, and "homey". It has a bit of a Spanish influence, I feel, and would look great with several different colors. Plus, because the second one is much more economical, I wouldn't feel as bad about switching out my dining sets when I grew tired of them. At $50 bucks a head, I would feel guilty about giving the first sets away or putting them in storage. 
Anyone know of any cute "out of the box" places to register or find adorable dining or bed sets?


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