Jamaica: Day 7 and Counting

Jan 8, 2011

Boy, have I got a lot to write about. If I had better internet signal and more time I'd treat this blog like my journal and tell you all about everything. 

What a trip. This first week has been rough in every sense of the word. I had no idea how hard this was going to be...how much I would learn about myself and my faith in God...how much I would fall in love...how much my heart would break and look to God with a million questions.

I can't wait to blog more about this amazing opportunity that was given to me or about how much my heart has been full of joy, sorrow, and torn to shreds - all at once. 

I feel I have failed already and it has only been 7 days. I have had to reexamine whose strength I was trying to accomplish this in...and what I can tell you is that mine is weak. Mine is faltering. Mine is sick.

But His? It has been more than I could fathom. We have been strengthened from tears of sadness and heartache to laughter and joy. We have been able to find Joy in our sorrow. 

Originally a month-long trip, the three of us, Grace, Hannah, and I, decided it would be best to come home early and change our trip to 2 weeks. Hannah is having problems with her lungs due to asthma  - enough pain and breathing problems that she needs to be seen by her doctor and cannot wait 1 month to be treated. We will be leaving the school with the money that we would have paid to stay here the extra two weeks plus extra money that was raised for the school. We feel so grateful to everyone who gave in order for us to be able to give to the school in a huge time of need in their lives. We feel that the school needs our financial support more than they need our physical presence.  We have one more week here before we fly home on the 16th. 

I want to make the best of it. I want to be thankful and reach out and be selfless. I want to give of myself. I want to do it for His glory and not in my own strength. I have a long way to go, but I can't wait to see what God does with this week. 

Glad you stopped by and I hope you'll come back for updates on my trip and other future posts!