Blog Redesign

Aug 31, 2010

If you were to ask my family to verify the fact that I LOVE re-arranging furniture, they'd chuckle and then suddenly turn serious and ask you to take me to rehab for people suffering from various forms of OCD. 

When I was a teenager and still living at home, I'd get the urge to re-arrange my room and had uneasiness that kept me awake until I got everything moved. Not only did I have to get everything moved, but every little thing had to be in its place. There was no leaving things on the floor and waiting until morning to find them a home. That just didn't work for me. As silly as this sounds, some of the most enjoyable times I had just being alone was when I was in my room, strategically planning and drawing out (yes, drawing out) where each piece of furniture would go. It was just me and my form of being creative at the time. 

Aside from furniture postions changing, the interior "design" of the room would change, as well. For a few years the walls were bright orange with a rainbow striped duvet cover and paintings I had done on the walls. When I hit the last few years of high school, I decided to paint the room a khaki color and use shabby chic bedding and more "mature" art decor. 

I've always kind of prided myself on having such a broad range of style. I don't mean to say I know modern style that well, but I didn't have a specific style I stuck with. I still don't. My apartment now definitely looks more grown up but I still have the itching to move things around once in awhile. Oh who am I kidding? Once a week! 

Alright, so to focus in on the real point of this post already.......

I've only recently joined the blogging world. Heck, I didn't even know what HTML was until I decided I wanted to make my blog pretty like all the other blogs I was reading. My blog was originally black and white damask with a lime green header. But with every new and cute blog I read, I like their design better than mine! I've been worried that my design isn't really "me", but then I decided that "me" is whatever I want it to be. I don't have a certain style, but just go with the mood I'm in. That's my style, my design, my look - whatever I feel like! 

I'm ready to experiment with the design of this thing. Feel free to give me your input! I'm feeling creative, and this is a lot easier than moving furniture!


Aug 28, 2010

After a couple weeks, I finally have an opportunity to post again! I wish I could be faithful like the bloggers whose posts I love to read every day. I comfort myself with the thought that I'll blog more when I have more interesting things going on!

For the past month, I've really been trying to watch what I listen to on a regular basis. My job requires a lot of time spent in the car and even when I'm not working, I am mostly out and about. (I go stir crazy if I'm just sitting in my apartment). 

I've been reading, "Don't Waste Your Life" by John Piper and the main thing he touches on is glorifying God in everything that we do. His famous quote is, "God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him". My biggest goal in life is to live it with an all-consuming passion for experiencing the glory and joy of my God and sharing that joy with others. That is the ultimate act of love - to share the gospel with others so in turn they can experience joy as well through glorifying God with everything they are.

This has led me to look at each area of my life and ask the question, am I filling my time with pointless activity? Or is what I choose to do either displaying the glory of God or helping me personally with my walk with God? 

One of the first things God brought to mind was the music I listen to. I LOVE music. I was a music major for two years and even though I really can't sing...I can really get into it when I'm by myself in the car! I mostly listen to Country (don't get me wrong, I still love country!). Although I don't think there is anything wrong with a plain ol' country song, many of them reference a lot of things that are contrary to what I believe to be glorifying to God. I had to ask myself, "How am I benefitting from this music?", "Is this considered pointless when viewed in light of my walk with God?" I decided to turn to the Christian station and try to listen to things that are encouraging or lead me to worship. It's funny....some of the songs on even the Christian radio are basically so watered down that you have to wonder the theology of the person who wrote it. You know, the "feel-good, God makes much of me" lyrics. 

Anyways, I think this may just be the start of God convicting me about certain areas of my life in which I waste a vast amount of time or just doing things that are pointless when compared to eternity. I know I have a lot of changing to do. Don't get me wrong - I'm not taking this to the point of legalism. I don't think listening to Christian music makes you holy or righteous or that this conviction should be your standard as well, this is just something that God has convicted me about. I know that because music is such a big part of my life, and because I pay such attention to the words, it really does affect me in ways that I may not even realize.

What I've found? I truly feel that it has led me to a more "pray without ceasing" attitude. I'm reminded through the songs of the glory of God amd what my attitude should truly be throughout the day. I find it keeps me focused spiritually when lately I have been very distracted.

A giveaway!

Aug 11, 2010

Alright, everyone (as in those who may actually read this). Amber over at The Survival Guide for the Young, Fabulous, and Newlywed is hosting a giveaway for a free Keep Calm poster! They're adorable.

My Favorite one would have to be the "Keep Calm and Travel On".

Interested in possibly winning one? Visit this blog post to learn more! 
Good Luck!

one of those months...

Aug 7, 2010

Ever have one of those months where you feel like so much has gone on that you can't even think straight? This past month, or really all summer, has been that way for me. 

You know that Biology class I had to take this summer (for a second time)? You know...the one that I had to pass or I can't accept a job offer (because it requires a degree)? You know..the one that I got up at 8am for five weeks for? 

Yeah. I ashamedly didn't get a good enough grade to transfer to LU so they can finally say I officially have my B.S. in Psychology. I'm taking the CLEP version of that this Tuesday and praying on my knees that I can recall enough Biology to pass. I'm not stupid, really I'm not. I think I'm just READY TO BE DONE. I got out of the studying/school mode. 

And the teacher was a complete hardball. So were her tests!

As I've been praying I've really had to surrender the situation to God. I'm not sure why I'm facing a struggle in this, but I know His way is best. My job from here on out is to do the best darn job I can and leave it in His hands. I've had to willingly and on purpose acknowledge that God knows what's going on and that I can't do this in my own strength.

Aside from that, I've been a little stressed with work (like it's really that hard) and some other personal issues. I feel like I can't think straight or remember what I did a mere day before. 

Also, I feel that lately God's really been trying to get my attention about my purpose in life. I am determined not to waste my life. I don't want to find myself 70 and wonder what I've done for God and if I've truly carried out his plan for my life. In the next year our so, and even now, I'll be facing some pretty big life decisions about careers, marriage, my calling, etc. I feel like I've gotten so off-track with my daily walk with God that it's greatly affecting every other area of my life. 

I need some quite time with my Creator..some peace and quiet with the One who holds my world in His hands and is saying to me, "If you would only trust me and invest in getting to know Me better...daily..and My plan for you, you'd find yourself in my'd be A-okay, love." ........or something like that, anyways.

I'm not working for the next two weeks.

I have another job interview Monday, the test on Tuesday, then I'm leaving for out of town for almost a week and a half. So during that time of being out of town, I'll be attending an 80th birthday party for Michael's grandpa and I'll be babysitting my two cousins. 

Sometime in that time I plan to just get alone, go somewhere, leave the TV off and turn my cell phone off and just pray, meditate, read Scripture, and rest. I need it. My relationship with my Father needs it.

Until then, I'll be picking up the rest of my marbles!

Kindred Connections: Confessions Day Four

Aug 5, 2010

Today's confession topic? Accents. Ahhhhcents. ACK-sents.

Confession:: I feel neutral in this area. I really don't know what accent I have. The only real southern word I use is "y'all" and that's only occasionally. I'm not even sure it has a twang with it! My friends from the south say that I sound like I'm from the north. My friends from the north say I don't sound like I'm from the north but I "don't sound like the rest of the people around here". 

Confession:: I love listening to different accents. Of course, women supposedly love men with accents different than their own. Part of the intrigue, I think, with foreign men is just because it's so different than what we're used to. I honestly think I might get annoyed after awhile with an accent that was completely different than what I was used to.

Confession:: I'd like to be able to be as talented as this woman. 

Alrighty, only ONE MORE DAY to join the confessions!



Kindred Connections: Confessions Day Three (on day four!)

Today's Windy Poplars confessions? Sleep.

Confession::  I LOVE sleep!

Confession:: I can't stand being hot when I'm trying to sleep. I'd much rather be cold with a good down comforter and soft sheets. I get grumpy when I get hot. Grumpy mixed with tired = not a good combination.

Confession:: Now that I've experience sleeping with a down matress on top of my regular mattress and a down comforter AND a down pillow...I just can't get "down" with anything else! 

Confession:: I rarely use a pillow. Most of the time I lay on my stomach with my hands at my side or above my head with my head turned towards the left. It hurts my neck if I'm turned towards the right. That's the only way I can fall asleep.

Confession:: During the rare times that I actually sleep on my side, my favorite side is my Left side and I almost always throw my left leg over something....a bunched up comforter...and sometimes even an innocent "bysleeper"!

Confession:: I've had more confessions about sleep than any other subject so far....that may be an indication I like sleep too much. Even now, I feel like a nap!

As a side note, isn't this one of the coolest beds you've ever seen?!

Kindred Connections: Confession Day Two

Aug 3, 2010

Today, Kristin at Windy Poplars gave us the confession subject of Money Saving. 

Confession:: I HATE not having money in my savings account. It makes me VERY nervous! I get a steady bi-weekly paycheck but aside from rent and bills, the leftovers have been going to things like gas and food.

Confession:: I NEVER fill up at the gas station. Really, my thoughts are warped in this area. I only put about $10 at a time in my tank. Silly, I know. I realize that one $40 fill-up is the same as 4 $10 fill-ups (I'm sure if you really looked at it, I'm spending more on the smaller but more frequent fill-ups). I think I just FEEL better not spending as much. Michael just rolls his eyes at me and will sometimes MAKE me put more than 10 bucks in. :)

Confession::  I can't remember the last time I bought an article of clothing for full-price. I'm genetically attracted to the red CLEARANCE signs in the back of the store. When I say genetically, you'll understand after I explain that my grandparents will not eat fast food unless they have coupons for that restaurant. And when we all go out to eat, they only hit the places where they know the cashier so she'll let them use more than two senior drink vouchers. I'm not nearly that bad...but I never pass up a good coupon!

Interested in joining the party?! Click here and read the confessions of others...then go write your own! It's a great way to get to know others in the blogging world and gain a new perspective outside of yourself. 


Kindred Connections:: Confessions Day One

Aug 2, 2010

This week, Kristen over at Windy Poplars is encouraging us to blog some confessions. Honestly, one of my favorite things (which happens to sometimes be my least favorite thing) is to be honest and vulnerable with others. I find it refreshing and "burden-lifting".

Today, the topic is Food Confessions.  I'm a picky person, so this should be interesting. 

CONFESSION:: I only recently started to like Salad. When I was younger I wouldn't touch much less eat lettuce for a million bucks. It tasted like grass and by-golly I was not going to put it in my mouth. The first time I actually enjoyed a salad was when I tried a bite of my Dad's Blue Cheese Chop Salad with candied pecans. I think my taste buds were tricked because the lettuce was so tiny and practically drenched in delicious dressing. Now I only like Caesar Salad (Panera's is the best!). I think that's the only kind I like because it doesn't have carrots or tomatoes or onions. You know, those gross veggies? I kind of like that my taste buds are somewhat changing. 

CONFESSION:: Broccoli triggers my gag reflex every single time. 

CONFESSION: I told my mom I knew what sex was by demonstrating with our pigs-in-the-blanket dinner when I was 10. Kids do the darndest things, right?

CONFESSION: If you were to look at my bank statement, probably a good 60% of it would be fast food purchases. I'm ashamed. THIS week is actually starting my fast from fast food! Wish me luck! I can't get in shape and be healthy if I'm eating processed junk. 

Can't wait to see what else Kristin has for us to confess this week! 


Friendship, friendship.,,

Aug 1, 2010

My gal pal Fain is getting married in 2.5 months.

 I have the honor of being her...well...maid of honor! 

To help you see the dynamics of our friendship, I would like to submit the following documentation::

'nuff said? 

I have yet some more honor in throwing her a bridal shower! The honor is just going to be coming out of my ears by the time this thing is over. And I do mean the honor it is for me to be a part of such a....God-sanctioned union. And I truly mean that. They're perfect for each other. 

I could probably write many a blog about our relationship from THEN til NOW. All I really want to say, however, is how really cool it is that we're still friends even after we've become our own individuals. It's much sweeter in that sense. 

And really, even though the picture might suggest some differences (and no, i really don't like gold accessories)..we have some things in common, as well. 

For instance....both of our faces turn beet red at very ridiculous things that are so embarrassing I'm not going to put them on this here blog. 

Just catch us in the hall or a grocery store perhaps and simply say our name. You'll see what I'm talking about.

Sunday Sentiments

One week ago today my grandmother passed away. She had been in a lot of pain recently and having an even harder time than normal breathing and such. She died in such a peaceful her home and surrounded by every single one of the children that she brought into this world. 

The day before she passed away, my grandmother became a believer. While I grievance is for my family. For my dad. For the ones who have yet to see and accept the Truth. And even for me, because in a selfish way, I wish I could have told her that I would miss her getting on to me about whistling or even that I wish I had come around a few more times that I did. But even during the visitation and funeral, I felt peace and happiness for my grandma. 

I imagined her in Heaven taking the biggest, deepest breath that she's taken in probably 30 years. She isn't confined to where her oxygen hose will allow her to go. She isn't having to take hold of things just to get from one room to the next. She is walking with my Jesus...her Jesus. 

I tend to smirk at funeral talk. You know, the "she's in a better place" talk. I think because most of the time it's a phrase non-Christians use who don't really even know if they believe in the "better place"...or ones who think that everyone goes there. Anyway, that was one phrase that could truly have been said of my grandmother. That she is with her Creator. The one who formed her and loved her before she was even born. 

Man...I'm jealous to be honest.