Miscellany Monday

Jul 19, 2010

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
{one} I'm watching Michael cook me dinner. He's doing a mighty fine job if you ask me. We're supposed to be having shrimp with Old Bay and a vegetable stir-fry type of thing. He cut up the veggies into big pieces so I could pick the stuff I like out more easily. Isn't that just sweet?

{two} I really am picky about vegetables. I don't mean to be. My taste buds might just possibly be genetically prone to hate good food and LOVE sugar and...well....crap. Out of the 3,000,000 types of vegetables, I like maybe 5 of them. maybe. BUT....I do have to give myself credit. I've decided I'll try anything once. So now I don't judge food on their looks or smell, but how they actually taste. Tonight's try? Avacado. One more thing to add to my dislike list. One day, I'm going to go to Africa and eat whatever they put in front of me and thank God for it. I promise. 

{three} The play list for Michael's cooking/me sitting in the kitchen blogging includes Flatt & Scruggs and Old Crow Medicine Show. Quite a nice atmosphere it's creating. I almost feel like two-steppin'. 

{four} I have plans tomorrow to go to Poplar Forest with Michael, his grandmother, and his dad. I'm looking forward to getting some great pictures. AND....reliving all those trips back and forth to Liberty on the weekends. Reminds me of a game I heard someone play once while looking out the window. "Tree.....tree....tree....grass....grass...guardraaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiillllllllllll.....tree...tree.." If you've ever driven 46o to Lynchburg you know exactly what I'm talking about. 
Afterwards, I'm going to visit my long-lost-best-friend Fain. I honestly can't wait to tell her what God's doing in my life and ask her if she thinks I really have all these psychological disorders just to hear her say, "you're normal, Kelsea". 

{five} This dinner is really starting to smell scrumptious. Shrimp, although not the healthiest seafood, is one of my favorite. I've even peeled and "de-pooped" them before. 

{six} I'm looking at my kitchen right now. (I'll have to give you a photo tour later) I feel so blessed to be able to live here and be where I am. At a time of HUGE uncertainty right now, I need to remember the blessings God gives. I may not be here for long, who knows. But for now, I'm thankful that I have somewhere to call a place of my own.

{seven} It is 6:29pm. The exact time that Michael wanted me to tell him so he knew when the veggies were done. Time to eat. :) This oughta be good.

Jul 7, 2010

I skipped Biology class today. 

I feel guilty

But not guilty enough to stop me from hiking to the Cascades.

Ice cold water - here I come!

Thoughts for the Day

Jul 6, 2010

"Grace is the pleasure of God to magnify the worth of God by giving sinners the right and power to delight in God without obscuring the glory of God." - John Piper

 “There is nothing worth living for, unless it is worth dying for. ” - Elizabeth Elliott 

Last week, Michael and I managed to finish one of my favorite movies, "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington". Aside from a little crush I've always had on Jimmy Stewart from the time I watched "It's a Wonderful Life", the movie itself is really great. I suppose, in a way, that this could be my blog about Independence Day.

For those of you who haven't seen the movie (go see it!), you can read the plot here. 

Passion is one of my most favorite qualities in a person. Without passion, a person seems dull and boring. I find it hard to be friends with someone who doesn't know what he/she believes and doesn't care either way. I know this is why I love the character Mr. Smith. He was doing something against the crowd, against most of the nation, against the norm - to stand up for what was right and to show the nation what integrity really looked like. What if we had more men like that in our nation? Ones who saw the United States as our forefathers saw it. Ones who didn't take our freedoms lightly and defended them with integrity and honor instead of trying to pass bills and do business with other countries with money and profit in mind. 

I'll admit wholeheartedly that I am a complete skeptic of our government in this day. I have recently said that I am proud of our heritage, but not so much our nation today. While I still hold to some of that, I have realized that our nation is still a great nation. We still have the freedoms that some other countries will never have. I can buy, sell, come, go, talk, and walk as I please. 

There are so many freedoms that I take for granted and allow to be overshadowed by the not-so-great decisions of our government. I have realized that no good will ever be done by me getting "fed-up" with our country and moving somewhere else. Instead, I should -we all should- hold tight to the freedoms we have and let our deep appreciation for them propel us to action - whether it's going to your local Tea Party to protest big government, voting your preference in an election, having your voice heard at your local town hall meeting, or just simply sharing your views with others. 

All of this to say::: 

1. Get the movie and watch it. And try not to get all worked up at Jimmy Stewart's cuteness. If only men were more like that these days!

2. I love this country. I'm not always proud of where it looks like it's going...but I'm going to let the heritage and freedom and potential it has make me proud rather than the mistakes that we're destined to make, anyways. After all, God is seated on his throne, isn't He?