May to June:::A Recap

Jun 27, 2010

1. My Sister's Wedding - May 8th
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Davis
"Mawaige...Mawaige is what bwings us togetha twoday...." - The Princess Bride
My Sister, the Bride...isn't she gorgeous?!
Bridal Party & My Family (signing the wedding date!) 
P.S -I love that I gained 4 new sisters (and good friends)
     One final picture....come on girls....
you know you would have done the same thing! 

The wedding couldn't have happened on a more beautiful day. Everything went smoothly for the most part and my sister and her new husband (wow. that is taking some getting used to.) had a wonderful time. (Props to Chelsa Yoder for the amazing pictures! She is so talented!)

2. I Graduated College!!!!

 I already talked about this here, but the OCD, list-making side of me needed to put this here anyways. 


Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of my new place, but let me say - it's amazing. I truly feel so blessed. I had an apartment in Lynchburg with my friend Aly, and while I loved having my own place off-campus, it just wasn't the same. Anyways, the whole plan I had for the summer now sounds as foreign as some kid's story I was read at age two...

The plan- I was going to take the entire summer off (after working and doing school full time last summer) 
            - Do no school OR work.
            - I had money saved up and I was going to travel and just HAVE FUN. 

Well,  plans changed: the amazing apartment I wanted became available in May - the week before I was supposed to move out of my other apartment (can you say perfect timing?), I had to sign the lease or it would have been given to someone else, the rent is amazing, and on top of those things...I ended up needing to take ONE MORE CLASS so Liberty will send me my degree. Those things cost MONEY. Anyways...throughout all that change, I was able to get into this great apartment. Pictures to come later! Because all those extra, unexpected expenses, I rescinded my resignation letter and was able to.....................

 4. Get a new client!

My file from the Lynchburg office was able to be transferred without a problem to the Christiansburg office. I got a call soon after that with an available client. The hours were/are LONG, but I got a small raise around that time and I also am able to get almost full time hours in 3 days a week. It's awesome. Did I mention that God is amazing? He seriously meets my needs all the time.

5. Bible Study

Minutes from where I live (minutes as in I could walk if I wanted to) is Calvary Baptist Church. I don't attend on Sundays because I go to another church, but after meeting the youth pastor and his wife and getting to know them some, I've started going there on Wednesday nights for College/Youth group. Their passion for God is amazing and I have learned SO much through their lives, marriage, and testimony. We're going through John Piper's "Don't Waste Your Life".  His follow-up lessons have been so great. I'm thankful for their influence in my life.

6. Last, but not least (and maybe a little silly-sounding...)
The last couple months, and since I've taken up blogging, I've come across some amazing blogs. Simply amazing. I suppose you could say I went about finding them by "blog-stalking & hopping", but none-the-less, I found them. It's funny because most of the blogs I subscribe to now are people I don't even know (and a few I do). In the same way that reading a book can change your life and inspire you, these blogs have done the same for me. One is a woman who writes about her husband, kids, life in general, and homeschooling, just to name a few. The way she talks about her God, her sweet husband, and her kids is just so inspiring. I have laughed out loud and cried numerous times while reading her blog. My favorite subject she's been writing about recently is their journey of adoption. They left TODAY to go get their little boy in Ethiopia. I know it may sound silly to know all this about a complete stranger, but her blog has truly reminded me of the kind of wife and mother I hope to be, the kind of marriage and husband that I want and will not settle until I get, and the kind of creative, fun, not perfect, and most importantly God-honoring life I want to have. Another blog I've enjoyed reading, and have admittedly cried during reads, too, is a girl who writes about "newlywed" life. The thing I love the most about these two women in particular is their honesty. They admit their mistakes and don't try to sugar coat their blogs. They tell it exactly how it is, from terrible periods, to having hickeys from their husbands, to arguments, and so on. It's really encouraging to read something so REAL. 

Well, that concludes my list of recent happenings. I think know it makes me feel better when I make lists of  things. Because I haven't written in awhile and I didn't want to try to write blogs to catch up on everything, I figured I'd just sum it up. 

Where I am now? 
I've just finished a kick-butt resume and cover letter that I plan on sending out to about five or six different places in the area. Hopefully something will be available soon (meaning better pay, benefits, and different schedules). Being able to put "B.S. in Psychology" on the resume felt SO good.  I also will be starting a dumb 5-week Biology class to meet my final requirements at LU. Later this week I also plan on meeting a lady from the Caring Pregnancy Center to set up volunteer hours. One of my strongest beliefs is that abortion is murder. I hope to, in some way, help these women and save the lives of unborn children. Anyway, another time, another post.

WOW, long post. I need to keep these within the attention span of the average human.