Dec 2, 2010

Dear Sun,
    I dearly miss your heat. Please come back. Winter clouds just aren't as fun. 

Dear Biology class,
   I can't believe I'm letting you get the best of my procrastination problem. Not anymore! I will now (after this blog) commence to writing one of several reports due yesterday.

Dear Diet,
   What can I say? I found someone else. His name is Fast Food. I plan to break it off as soon as my willpower will allow me. 

Dear Family,
    As much as I love being mostly independent, I cry sometimes at the thought of eventually moving away from you. I may just be all talk when I say It'll be a breeze. 

Dear M,
   Thank you for helping me put up my/our tree. It's beautiful and I know I couldn't have done it without you....literally. Thanks for putting hooks on all the ornaments and letting my OCD self place all the ornaments just perfectly on the tree. 

Dear Jamaica, 
    If only you could see what my heart is doing right now. It's jumping for joy and excitement,  silently shaking out of nervousness, and breaking a little already for what I know already breaks the heart of God. And this is on a good day. 

Love your one and only,



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