Dec 14, 2010

I wish I could share this morning with you. 

I love home. I stayed at my parents' house last night. 

Warmth. In more ways than one. 

Warmth...I know every single time I walk in the  door I will be greeted by three excited dogs. Even before I walk in the door I can hear their anxious "woofs" and see their noses against the windows. 

Warmth...my parents have a gas stove. Boy, is that thing warm. I park myself in front of it as much as possible when I'm home. I may burn the backs of my legs, but the heat sure does feel good.

Warmth...the familiar feeling of family, of home, of unconditional love. 

At this very moment, warmth...the sun pouring in through the window, my sweet Abbey curled up in my lap as I type on my sister's Mac. The other two dogs are sprawled out, asleep on the couch. 

This feels good. 

I know soon I'll be permanently sharing a new home with my love, starting new traditions, starting our own family someday. 

But for now, I savor these moments. The ones where I don't feel quite as bad still calling this my home, even though I have my own apartment that is starting to feel like home a couple towns away. 

Warmth never felt so good. 

Biggest Loser

Dec 7, 2010

This week I'm gearing up to take 4 tests and a final......all in the same class. It's an online class and I've procrastinated, yet again. Today, I've had all day to study as I didn't work with my client today and I haven't learned as much as I'd hoped I would. I kept getting distracted, fell asleep for about an hour, and then drove to the grocery store because I was craving ice cream. I'm pathetic, no? 

I ate this...........

 while watching this..............

Just more proof of contradiction in my life! Sometimes comically, sometimes not. Aye-yi-yi! 


I need this woman to help me lose weight! If I had that screaming in my ear at 6am, I'd lose that 20 pounds fast!


Dec 2, 2010

Dear Sun,
    I dearly miss your heat. Please come back. Winter clouds just aren't as fun. 

Dear Biology class,
   I can't believe I'm letting you get the best of my procrastination problem. Not anymore! I will now (after this blog) commence to writing one of several reports due yesterday.

Dear Diet,
   What can I say? I found someone else. His name is Fast Food. I plan to break it off as soon as my willpower will allow me. 

Dear Family,
    As much as I love being mostly independent, I cry sometimes at the thought of eventually moving away from you. I may just be all talk when I say It'll be a breeze. 

Dear M,
   Thank you for helping me put up my/our tree. It's beautiful and I know I couldn't have done it without you....literally. Thanks for putting hooks on all the ornaments and letting my OCD self place all the ornaments just perfectly on the tree. 

Dear Jamaica, 
    If only you could see what my heart is doing right now. It's jumping for joy and excitement,  silently shaking out of nervousness, and breaking a little already for what I know already breaks the heart of God. And this is on a good day. 

Love your one and only,

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree.....

Dec 1, 2010

I don't know about you, but I had a pretty great Thanksgiving. Forgive me for not writing as much recently. Like I said, I finally got a 2nd job at Best Buy and had to work the dreaded Black Friday. I had to be there at 4:30am. It wasn't too bad....people surprised me and weren't as cranky as I had begun to prepare for. 

I had about three Thanksgiving meals last week. I'm SICK of turkey. The first meal was in Alabama with M's and my friend Jeremiah and his family. Jeremiah is M's old roommate. We went and stayed with him and his family. His dad is a lieutenant colonel in the Air Force so we got to tour Maxwell AF Base in Montgomery. We also went to a piano trio concert at this great art museum. Jeremiah's mom decided to have their Thanksgiving meal while we were there. It was delicious. 

I then had my second meal on Thanksgiving day. My mom and I cooked dinner for our family, M, and my sister's entire in-law-family. It was a house full, but I LOVE that! It was a great time, except for a few people's insistence that we keep the stupid football game on during dinner. I HATE the tv being on during dinner. Oh, well. Majority won.

The third meal was this past Saturday with M's family. We had it at his granny Jane's house. It was so nice to see everyone in his family. They made a long table that seated almost 25 people. I LOVE everyone sitting at the same table together. 

M and I spent the rest of the weekend with family. It was so nice to be home and just relax for a little while. 

On Saturday night, M and I headed to Walmart to get some cheap ornaments for the tree I wanted for my apartment. This apartment is my "first place", really. I don't have a roommate and pay for everything on my own. I think it can be rightfully called my own place! I was so excited at the thought of getting a tree. I got red and gold ornaments and regular white lights. On Sunday night, M and I went to Home Depot and got a fir tree for about $20 bucks! It's almost 6 feet, too, which is a great price for something that tall! 

It was so nice to be able to decorate the tree with M. Although we're not married yet, he is over at my apartment a huge amount of the time and its been wonderful having him so close. It ALMOST feels like it's "our" apartment....but I guess we won't be able to officially call it our first Christmas until next year. :) 

This week will be filled with finishing up a class I'm taking and working extra hours at Best Buy. I'm going to try to blog as best I can! Hope you all are having a wonderful start to December!