Miscellany Tuesday?

Nov 16, 2010

{one} I'm truly terrible at blogging daily. But I'm pretty much terrible at doing anything daily so I'm letting myself off the hook! 

{two} So you know how I've been expressing concern over not having a job/steady paycheck? I can now turn this prayer request into a praise - I got a job at Best Buy for the holidays (perfect for timing for my trip to Jamaica! I'm very thankful! 

{three} Ever get to the point where you realize you've only been fooling yourself? Maybe you want to believe someone/something is different/the way you want it to be to the point where you almost convince yourself it truly is that way? Let me tell you, it's quite a let-down when you're hit with the truth. That's been my last few days. I'm praying for wisdom. 

{four} Right now I'm craving salt and vinegar pringles. I'm only resisting buying some because I'm thinking of my rear. 

{five}  This is my precious poodle, Abbey. She usually is so dainty and prissy, but in the weeks prior to this picture, she had surgery on her teeth and had to endure a grooming during which they brought razors near her privates. She needed to let it all hang out.

That's all until tomorrow! ;)


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