Miscellany Monday

Nov 8, 2010

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

{ONE} JOB. After about 3 months of only getting ten hours a week and having to depend on the generosity of my family (without whom I would literally be out on the street...either by the lack of funds or the lack of somewhere to go), I finally have a job interview at Best Buy tomorrow at one o'clock! I'm hoping this is a done deal because my sister works there and I really don't think they would find me unqualified for the job. I'm so thankful that I have something seasonal to last me until my trip to Jamaica (which I will be writing about in detail this week).

{TWO} CONCERT. This past Saturday, we had our Jamaica Benefit Concert. It went so well! God really blessed our time and we were able to raise almost HALF of what we need for our trip. God is so good. We're moving forward in faith and buying the plane tickets without having raised the full money for our room and board. We know God has called us and we KNOW he will provide.

{THREE} GYM. I'm trying to get back into the swing of things. Previously my goal was to lose about 15 pounds...well, let's just say that goal has needed to increase to 20 pounds...if you get my drift. I went to the gym Friday and today I went to the park and walked/ran. It felt good! I know I can do this!  

{FOUR} RE-ARRANGE. I rearranged my "dining room" today. I put the quote, un-quote around dining room because it's such a small room that it serves as my dining room, closet, AND desk area. Anyway, as I explained here, I can't go for a long period of time without changing something!  So because I didn't have much time, I just switched the desk and the bookshelf. I also took all the books down and started from scratch - organizing them based on topic and then alphabetically by author. It feels good to have done that. To be honest, I've been wanting to change my blog around. I just think it's too busy. Is it too soon? Should I just wait until Spring and call it my "spring makeover"?

{FIVE} TRIALS. These past few months, because of my cut in hours and not really being able to find a second job right away, have been pretty stressful. There have been times I've had only a couple dollars in my account and haven't even been able to buy any groceries for the week much less pay my bills or rent. As things are beginning to look up this week, I look back and am glad that I've gone through this. My whole life all of my needs have been met. I've never gone hungry or worried about shelter and even through college, my parents helped me with getting loans and paying what needed to be paid. This past summer when I was making plenty of money - I was not very wise with it. I spent it on things I didn't need and although I didn't blow it, I took things for granted like occasionally buying a new shirt or eating out. It wasn't until this trial came into my life that I really realized all that I had begun to take for granted. It also made me thankful for such a wonderful family. They supported me in more ways than one while I've been struggling to get back on my feet. If it weren't for their mercy and generosity, I truly would have been in trouble. The Lord has put amazing people in my life and has used so many people to bless me and take care of me..I'm truly thankful. 

{SIX} CHEAPO. Contrary to the past when I've spent money frivolously, I'm a dictator when it comes to my bills. EVERYTHING is unplugged after I use it and I rarely have the lights on until it gets dark. As a result, my electric bill has been extremely low. I've had the AC off since mid-august. I haven't let myself (or M when he's over) turn the heat on yet. I know that's like those people who ONLY eat somewhere if they have a coupon - oh wait! that's my grandparents! - but I just can't do it. It's currently 60 degrees in my apartment. My fingers are cold as I type. I just put extra layers on when I get cold. At night it's the coldest, but my bed is awfully warm. I think it's getting closer to needing to put it on. We'll see if I can get over my cheapness this week!

Alright. That's it for my randomness today. I'm going to go put a second layer of socks on. BRRRrrrrrr. 


  1. It's never too soon to change the blog around :) It is totally a creative outlet for me and I love changing it ALL the time!

  2. good luck at the job interview! i know times can definitely be tough. i've been in your exact situation before (few work hours, a near zero bank account, behind on bills...) but God is looking out for you and will provide. I'm so glad that you have wonderful family and friends to help you through!

    Oh and it's not being cheap, it's being a thrifty goddess :)