Husker Country

Nov 4, 2010

Want to know something? I have just not felt like writing these past few days. I really haven't had anything to say. I know a good blogger is supposed to write daily, even if it's something small. I haven't even been able to pull "something small" out of my thoughts enough to type it out here. 
Today, I'm ready to start writing again. I'm out of my funk. 

This past weekend, I went with M and his family to Nebraska for the Nebraska v. Missouri game. Because Nebraska is about a twenty hour drive, we decided to fly. M's mom and I originally weren't going on this trip because I was supposed to be in Jamaica and I don't think she was interested in going and being the only gal there. My plans for Jamaica got delayed and it turns out that M's dad was able to get two extra plane tickets! 

We flew out of Roanoke. This was only the second time I've ever taken a plane trip. The last time was to Disney World when I was thirteen and Megan giggled the whole way there because she was so nervous. M's dad travels for his job and ended up having to meet us in Omaha. 

So M, his mom,  brother, and I headed to the Roanoke airport for our flight to Atlanta around noon on Friday. It was a gorgeous, clear day. I'll admit, I felt a little giggly when we were taking off. My stomach tickled. 

The view of Roanoke from the plane just after taking off. It was so neat to see some of the places I know from the air. 
 We had a connecting flight in Atlanta with a three hour layover. That is the BIGGEST airport....ever! It was bigger than any mall I've ever been in with tons of escalators and even a Subway. I mean...seriously....huge! We walked around for what felt like forever just looking at different shops and restaurants. There was a huge food court with a grand piano and a fantastic pianist. I'd LOVE to have a job like that!  

We didn't end up getting on our flight to Omaha until that evening and got to see this beautiful view from the plane.


 Once we finally arrived in Omaha, M's dad met us with our rental suburban and we headed to our hotel an hour away in Lincoln to settle in for the night. 

The next day was a full, busy day. The game didn't start until 2pm so we had some time that morning. M's dad was born in and spent his early life in Lincoln. Several of his family members still live there. We met at a cousin's for breakfast and M's dad caught up with a childhood friend that he hadn't seen in about 20 years. It was fun to hear their stories and meet some people I had been hearing about for awhile. 
 After breakfast we headed to downtown Lincoln to start our "football frenzy"! We walked around amidst Husker fans clad in red and black. Every pub had pre-game shows going on and were already packed with fans who didn't have tickets to the game. M's mom and I didn't have tickets because we came along too late.The NU campus was right next to town. We walked around campus and around the stadium until it was time for the guys to head into the stadium.
Watching the team arrive at the stadium!

Where's Waldo?
Shortly after this, the guys went into the stadium and M's mom and I headed back downtown. We went and got some refreshments and then headed to the NU Art Museum.

There was a special gallery that required us to wear these....interesting booties. 

 After sitting in the squishy chairs and feeling silly, we walked around the rest of the gallery.
The theme was basically death in honor of Halloween. Weird stuff.

Minutes after this picture was snapped the man down at the front desk must have seen me taking pictures and put an automated message over the speakers, "Photography is not allowed inside the museum". Well geez. Coulda put up a sign or something, buddy. 
M's mom and I spent the next few hours walking around, watching the game at our hotel for a little while, then heading back into town for some more browsing and shopping. It was neat to be in town because no matter where we stood we could hear the cheers from the stadium. It was a win for the Huskers!  I got a delicious ginger lemonade from a little bookstore as we waited for the guys to come meet us. 

That night we went back to the cousin's house for some dinner and more family reminiscing. Early the next morning we were up, had breakfast at the hotel, and went in search of Husker gear. We went to the campus bookstore, got some great shirts and other apparel, and took one last tour around the stadium (with M's dad hoping we'd find an open luck!) 

Husker Fanatic? Noooo...

Really...M's dad is not obsessed. Promise.

After this last minute attempt at squeezing in as much Husker-ness as we could we headed to Omaha, an hour away, to drop M's dad off at the airport. Our flight, this time with a connecting flight in Detroit, was not until later that evening. 

We headed towards downtown Omaha to grab some lunch and browse around town. We ate dinner at a neat Italian restaurant with a create-your-own pasta entree. I LOVE Italian! Afterward we walked into some cute shops and got to see little kids (AND big ones) all dressed up for Halloween trick-or-treating at stores giving away candy. We ended our trip by walking over a suspension bridge crossing the river. 

We had some pretty cool views on our flights back home....

By the time we got back to Roanoke, it was almost midnight and we were worn out! I loved flying, it made me want to travel all the time. We had a fun weekend and the guys really enjoyed the game.

Hoping to write more soon! I'm going to attempt to be more faithful at this! 
Happy Thursday! 


  1. Wow..those pictures you took from the plane were amazing! I've never flown before but would like to someday! Your trip looked like alot of fun!

  2. Hi Kelsea! Looks like a super fun trip! I know what you mean about the Atlanta airport. It IS huge. If we ever have to fly through there I always make sure we have a LARGE cushion of time just to get from one side to the other without killing ourselves! We connected through Detroit too! Guess it wasn't the same day, but wouldn't that have been crazy if we ran into each other there??? Hope your day has been a good one so far. I'm off to do some stamping, then our for a date w/ my hubby! Good way to start the weekending if you ask me!