Weekend Trip!

Oct 6, 2010

This weekend, M and I are headed to Charleston, SC. I've wanted to go for some time, but it hasn't been until this weekend that we've had the opportunity to do so! 

M, a senior Mechanical Engineering major, has had a crazy busy week with a big project due and a couple of tests to boot. Because of that, I've taken on the task of planning out our trip.

Thanks to the wonderful world of blogging (and the help of a friend who showed me this certain blog), I came across the blog of a gal, Olivia, who actually lives right in Charleston. Imagine that! Her blog, everyday musings , is great (it's one of those simple, classy ones that makes mine look like fall threw up). I got up the gusto and e-mailed her questions about where to eat, visit, walk, etc. during our time there. I figured she'd be able to tell us of places that weren't so commercialized. That's the only part I don't like about traveling is getting caught up in all the touristy stuff because I just don't know any better. What I really would love is to grab a local and see the "small-town" places that nobody really knows about and that are hidden away like a treasure. THAT'S my kind of traveling. 

I got a wonderfully kind reply a few days ago with the names of some great restaurants as well as a link to Southern Florish Magazine  in which Olivia herself writes and holds the position of travel editor. Get this, she's my age. I feel so unaccomplished. Anyway, check out the link and visit page 129 for her article. It's wonderful! 

In this article, she also wrote about the Charleston City Market and the Farmer's Market, both boasting of amazing food, local vendors, and rich Charleston heritage. That's what I'm looking forward to most about being in Charleston (aside from time with JUST M) - the rich southern heritage and beautiful architecture. 

We're also going to try to make it to Folly Beach.  According to the forecast...it's supposed to be niiiiice and sunnnnny!

Once I had all that information, I went to town! I clicked every link, got addresses, phone numbers, which restaurants required reservations for dinner, etc. I even got the menus of the ones I thought we'd probably go to so we could see what they served and what we were in the mood for (and how much our budget allowed for).

This is when my organization problem skills kicked in. I printed out the type of restaurant categorized mostly by meal (ex: Dinner, Lunch....Bakery) and listed the restaurant name, phone number, what time they opened and closed, and its location. I then printed out a menu for each restaurant (okay, okay, a little much). Then, I printed out a map of downtown Charleston, a map with parking garages marked on it and the visitor's center, directions to and from our hotel to downtown, and our hotel confirmation

Excuse the quality, I used the camera from my phone!

I put everything in this folder for the ride. I told you I had slight OCD issues.

 As you can see, I've prepared us pretty well for this trip. And I don't want to think of this tripped as all planned out (even though that's exactly what it looks like). I simply did all this to give us options with ease. Now we know where some cool places are to eat...to visit...to walk. We hopefully won't feel as lost.

Most of all I just want this to be relaxing. M needs it. I need it. I can't wait to just take all day and walk around the city, taking in everything there is to see, taking tons of pictures, and enjoying some much needed alone time with M. And I can't wait to share it with you, yes all 27 of you, when we return.


  1. Charleston is my favorite city in the US!!!!! I've been wanting to take my beau there as well! Be sure you check out Waterfront Park. Also, the Farmer's Market is amazing! I've only been to Folly Beach once and it was nice. It's definitely more of a "where the locals go" kinda beach, so it's probably just what you are looking for! Have fun!

  2. Look at how prepared and organized you are! I am so impressed! I strive for that sort of organization but more often than not I'm stuffing my mapquest directions in my purse and if I'm lucky I've googled a restaurant or two! But your folder is what my wrinkled directions dream of! I've never been to Charleston, SC. I have been to Charleston, West Virginia though. It's the capital of the state but nothing special. I'm sure you'll have a much better time in the SC one than the WV one! Have fun!

  3. Sounds like you've made a perfect connection down there, and really did your homework! I'm much the same way...like to avoid the "tourist" parts of town if I can! I was so jealous that Chelsa got to go to Charleston this year, and now I have to go and get jealous all over again that YOU get to go! Lucky duck ;-). Have a fabulous time though - I'll really look forward to hearing all about it!!