Oct 27, 2010

This past weekend, M, my mom, my good friend Grace, and I headed to Low Moor (yes, there's a town actually called this) for my aunt's annual Pumpkin Carving Party. It was a blast. This is the first year we've actually been.

As I mentioned here my grandmother passed away this past July. My grandfather passed away last September. My uncle and aunt who hosted the party moved into their house after they both were gone. I love that they were able to move in and keep the house in the family. Any memories I have of my dad's side of the family always started at that house. It truly was a haven, a safehouse. Anyone was welcome and you could expect a number of family members to be there at any given time. I love that we are able to keep making memories there even after they've gone. 

Here's a few snapshots from the day. enjoy. 

M starting his masterpiece!
Isn't Grace just absolutely gorgeous?
(L) My cousin, Matt                                                         (R) My dad
Sassy girl.
Some of our creations
Grace's carving...she did this in honor of her brother(my brother-in-law) who is currently serving in Afghanistan.
Yeah....love of sports doesn't run in our family. At all.
My favorite picture. M and me. Don't they look great together?
One of our favorite games... SPOONS! We had to get in a game before the party ended! 
 We had such a great time. We even collected some of the thousands of pumpkin seeds that were gutted from the pumpkins, cleaned them up, and roasted them in the oven with some salt. Yum! 

Did any of you carve pumpkins this year? 



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