My Christmas Wish List

Oct 28, 2010

You may be thinking it's too early to start wishing for Christmas. And I do really want to focus the holiday on the real reason we celebrate it in the first place. Nevertheless, I always get asked what I'd like for Christmas. 

This year, aside from asking for money for my Jamaica trip...
I may just mention one of the following.....

 I grew up with KJV in a church that pressed the necessity of only having KJV. And you know what? I like NASB better. I'm not a legalistic version pusher. Anyway, I really like John MacArthur and think I could really gain a lot from his insights to the Scripture. 

I'd also like to start doing yoga. Last week, I followed a video I got at the library and after five minutes my muscles felt like jello. Whoever said yoga was easy was lying!

I LOVE bareminerals. I went for awhile without using it because it was so expensive but then I learned about parabens and all the other chemicals and carcinogens that the FDA allows in our makeup and other products. I looked up the ingredients of bareminerals and they're pure. Plus, it really does give amazing coverage. 

 I've wanted a massage the past few years. An hour with someone rubbing your back? HEAVEN! I can barely get anyone to do it for five minutes!

 I've got some pretty old or stupid music in my itunes. It's time for some change. I'm thinking...Chris Tomlin..The Avett Brothers..Old Crow Medicine Show..Hillsong..

What kind of things are on your wishlist?


  1. I love BareMinerals too. I used it for a long time but eventually switched to the Maybelline mineral stuff because it's a third of the price. I can definitely notice the difference though. One of these days when I get a promotion at work I'll go back to BareMinerals!

  2. Yes please! I'll take one of each :-) Well, except the itunes b/c I don't have an ipod.- Sending you an e-mail tonight...

  3. all i want for Christmas is my two front teeth! oh those. Guess I'll husband!!! oh wait....cant have that either. How bout....heck....i don't need anything