Fall Friendship Swap

Oct 19, 2010

As I talked about last week, I got my Fall Friendship Swap package from Stephanie at How Sweet it is!  It felt like Christmas! I got it a few days after she sent it all the way from California! 

Here's what was inside! 

1. Handmade thank-you cards. Aren't they great! 
2. This candle is burning as we speak! I LOVE candles that smell like the cookies I'm trying to avoid! :)
3. A lovely "fallish" dish towel and a holiday cooking magazine with tons of recipes I'm dying to try! 
4. A lovely pie dish with the recipe for Apple pie printed right there on the bottom! 
5. Fall shape cookie cutters. Aren't they the cutest? 

I LOVE everything that was in the package. Somehow, it added a little joy and color to my fall. I was having a hard time accepting that summer was gone and have honestly been really bummed about lack of money/job hours. Stephanie's package came at the perfect time, helped lift my spirits, and put me in the mood for all things autumn! So for that, I'm extremely grateful. :)

What are some things you're enjoying this fall?

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  1. Love your Fall Friendship Swap haul! Such cute things...isn't Stephanie the best?! Hmmm...some things I'm lovin' about Fall: the cool nights and my micro suede flannel sheets, the cozy food, having a fire in the fireplace...