Oct 15, 2010

Alright, now that I've got my Internet working again (for now) I can finally write about our trip! 

I'll start with Friday...

Our plan was to leave around 6am Friday morning and check into our hotel around noon. I wanted to have a good part of the day to just relax and explore. Well remember M's hard week I was talking about? Well, an over 40 page report he submitted finally just put him through the ringer come Thursday night. He was completely worn out...especially when I tried to wake him at 6am. I graciously let him (and me) get another hour and a half of sleep before we got up and got in our already packed car and headed for South Carolina! 

Can I just say I love when M drives? Also, I love taking long car rides with him. It's so much fun to just listen to music or laugh about something or even just hold his hand in moments of silence. After about 6 and a half hours in the car, we finally arrived to our hotel and checked in.

Not even an hour later we were headed for Folly Beach!  I put on my bikini (after throwing up in my mouth a few times!) and M put on his swim trunks. The beach was so nice. The sun felt so warm on our skin and the breeze coming from the ocean felt great. I laid on a towel and soaked up some rays as M got in the ocean and then laid beside me for awhile. 

After about an hour of laying on the beach, we decided we were done. We found a place to change and headed to Taco Boy , an amazing Mexican restaurant about a block from the beach. This was suggested by Olivia at everyday musings (taco boy review post). It was delicious! And the setting was great! See for yourself....
Isn't this the coolest entrance?

 The food was amazing! It wasn't like most Mexican places that soak their food in grease and make you feel 500 pounds heavier when you leave. It was healthy, whole, and wonderful. We sat outside on the deck and just enjoyed a great time together. Simply wonderful. 

After dinner we went back to our hotel, changed, and headed to a nearby outlet mall. Neither of us had money, but it was too early to settle in for the night. They had some really cool factory outlet shops including Ann Taylor Loft, Banana Republic, and Coach.  There were some AMAZING deals, but we were really trying to spend as little money as we could.

That night we got some much needed rest and agreed not to set our alarms for the next morning since we were so close to downtown and didn't need to be in any rush. 

Once we both woke up and got ready, we ate lunch at our hotel with some things we had packed (to save money) before we left. We arrived downtown around noon, found a parking garage right near the visitor's center, and started our walk. 

Before I go into a picture frenzy, can I just talk about my outfit for the day? I chose black cotton leggings and a silk, v-neck tunic-like shirt that came down to the top of my thighs. I also wore my favorite pair of silver shoes with a little wedge heel. HOLY GEEZ, ladies. That was a huge mistake! It was a hot day, so the leggings just trapped the heat! Once I started sweating the silk shirt stuck to me and made me even hotter! On top of that, the "cute" shoes that looked great with the outfit began hurting my feet literally only twenty minutes after we began our 16 block trek.  About an hour into our walk, both Michael and I took our shoes off and walked around the city barefoot. My feet were already suffering so much that no matter what I wore on them, they were in pain! So...a word from the "been there done that" IS pain....and totally not worth it! 

We first arrived at the Farmer's Market.

 I wish I had been able to get pictures of all the really neat vendors at the Market. It was so packed there and I had to choose between being able to walk or get run over while trying to take pictures. I chose to walk. If I could have taken all the pictures I wanted, you would have seen some really cool organic vendors - organic meat, veggies, soaps - all kinds of things! 

The courtyard beside the farmer's market. There were people doing morning yoga there and families with little kids just playing and relaxing on blankets. You could tell it was a great local hangout for Saturdays! 

After we walked through the farmer's market, we just began walking down Meeting Street. It felt like a long walk because my feet were hurting so badly, but it truly wasn't that long of a walk. Here are a few of the neat things I snapped on the way to the end of downtown Charleston. Again, my feet were killing me and the streets were pretty busy so I decided many times to just leave my camera in my bag.

I love jazz. Didn't get a chance to stop by here but thought it was a really neat place!
This was just one of the many cool houses we saw on our walk to Waterfront Park. 
This was just one of about 12 tables of basket vendors we saw at the City Market. M and I really were trying to be money conscious and the City Market wasn't actually as impressive as we were  expecting. We skipped out halfway through and started walking to the park. 
Waterfront park fountain...tons of little kids began playing in this right after I snapped this shot. I'll admit...I halfway got in, too!

I want to go on one of these! Isn't it HUGE?

The house that we're going to show M's parents and try to talk them into buying so we can come visit Charleston and have a place to stay anytime we want! And of course to spend time with them, too! ;)

How cool would it be to live in this house? I would love to be able to walk right out my front door and onto the streets of the city!

This long strip of road was called the Battery and contained some of the biggest, oldest, and most expensive houses in Charleston. They were beautiful.

I LOVED all the cute little shops and places to eat. As you can see the street was beautiful. I would have close to a hundred pictures to show you if I had taken one every time we turned the corner onto a beautiful street.

 At the point that I took that picture it was only about two in the afternoon! It felt like we had scaled the entire city in only a few hours. We were so exhausted and both of us had aching feet. We decided to walk all the way back to the car and take a trip to the hotel to get cleaned up for dinner. We took our time getting ready because I wanted a late dinner...I hate eating dinner early plus I wanted to sit outside at the restaurant and it's more fun when it's dark and there are pretty lights around. Wayyyyy more romantic. 

We headed to the Coast, a restaurant that M's parents had suggested from their last visit to Charleston. It was a great place with a great atmosphere. We waited for about an hour and then were seated in an alley right outside the restaurant. It was so nice because there were only a few more tables out there and it was for the most part quiet and secluded. We didn't have to speak over the tv screen and the tipsy, loud people inside. 

Isn't this the cutest little alley leading to the restaurant?
The food was great!
The atmosphere was so was great!
Overall, we had a wonderful time. We went back to the hotel that night and just relaxed and went to bed early. We got up Sunday morning at 5am so we could leave in time for my dad's family reunion. It was a long drive and and early morning, but it was worth it- we had a great time. 

I can't wait for the future when M and I get to travel more together. It's so much fun. He's the best travel partner. :)

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  1. As you can tell, I'm wwaaaaayyyyy behind in my blog reading! So enjoyed this post and hearing more about Charleston. Looks like you guys had a spectacular time (sans the blisters). Makes me want to go even more... :-)