The Bedroom

Oct 4, 2010

Before I began college, I couldn't wait to have my own dorm room. It meant freedom(How quickly I learned the fallacy of that idea)!  I went through a few roommates....and then decided I never wanted to share another living space again until I was married. 

I've had roommates dry their hair right by my head at 6:30am when there was a perfectly good, separate bathroom..with a DOOR. I've had a messy roommate, a clean but a loud-in-the-morning roommate, a small dorm room the size of a closet, a quad-style dorm room that shared a living room and kitchen with 4 other girls, and a two-bedroom apartment I shared with my lovely friend Aly.

I know that part of my personality involves the need for cleanliness, things in a certain spot (not two inches to the left), and a space where I can be alone. I consider these things to be both strengths AND weaknesses. 

When I was nearing graduation and preparing to move to the town where I was going to begin graduate school (oh how plans change), I began looking for an apartment for just ME. NO roommate. I could decorate how I wanted, keep it clean the way I wanted, and have automatic alone time whenever I wanted. 

As I wrote about here (#3), I finally found the perfect place for me! It's in a tiny little town but it's right on main street above a law office. I suppose you could call it city living, although it's no loft in NYC!

Alright, enough introduction. 

I'd like to present to you the picture around which I have attempted to design my bedroom. I found it on facebook after someone had been tagged in it. I have no idea who designed it, but I LOVE it. 

THIS is how it has gone so far. As you can see, I've strayed from the picture. 

The view of my bedroom from the living room. (One day, I'll do a photo tour of the whole place.) I love the natural sunlight from the front windows. They overlook main street. 

My Black Dog Salvage Splurge!

My Goodwill STEAL! $15 bucks! 
My handmade curtains- they had to be over 100 inches long! 

These french doors are my favorite! It's what drew me to this apartment in the first place! Open them, and you basically get a long view of the rest of the apartment.

 As much as I love what I've already done (it's almost got a french look...anyone agree?), I'd still like to do more. 

I need:
A new duvet cover. Something cream or with color. White just gets dirty so easily -even though I love the simple look and how soft and fluffy my bed looks.

A matching bedskirt. I just recently got a bed frame. Before that, my bed was just on the floor. A bed skirt would hide all those loose feathers that fall out of my down comforter! 

A headboard.  Something like this  or this .

INSERT YOUR IDEAS HERE. Anyone have any other ideas? Wall decor? A Rug? I don't want it to be too busy. And as you already know from previous posts, I do get restless and like change. So I'd like something that could be neutral enough to match any bedding I get. 

What I love about my room? The high ceilings, the amazing french door, the size (it's bigger than it looks), and how comfortable my bed is! :)

What do YOU think? 


  1. your room looks SO cute! those french doors are awesome! maybe some yellow accents to compliment the awesome blue color of your window treatments? looking at the yellow on your blog along with your photos just makes a lovely combination!

  2. Those french doors are amazing!! I would say definately a new duvet cover for the bedding..and maybe some nice decorative pillows to go along with it? Would help "plump" up the bed area a bit I think! Oh and I LOVE the old fashioned dresser too!

  3. I LOVE the french doors and wood floors. That style is beautiful!

  4. Ok, can I have your french doors please? ;-) LOVE them! What great style. Your dresser is also adorable - very French. I agree: color on the bed would be good...pattern too (could be subtle) if you don't want to have to worry about dirt. I also agree w/ Mariel that an accent color would be good to compliment the blue. Maybe yellow, gray, or moss green? Judging by your inspiration picture, you like the idea of warmth, and if you have the option to paint your walls, I'd definitely do a warmer white to achieve that look. Also, a rug right where your feet touch the floor when you get out of bed is always a cozy touch but small enough that it doesn't make the room look cluttered.- Ok, I'm starting to sound like an HGTV show, so I'd better stop! Lol! Good luck! Again, such a super neat bedroom!