Weight loss

Sep 23, 2010

My attempt at true weight loss began at the end of August.

I've always had pretty low body image and it really affects my everyday life. There was a time during my freshman year in college that I experienced depression and as a result ate very little and lost about ten pounds. It was the thinnest I've ever been throughout my late teens up until now, but parts of it was also pretty miserable.

Since then, I've sort of "yo-yoed" in my diet and exercise. During my second year of college I worked out every single day for about 4 months and REALLY saw results. After Christmas break, however, I found the numbers on the scale raising and my clothes not really fitting right anymore. 

In the almost five years that Michael and I have been dating, he has really taught me what healthy and organic eating truly means. I now can't buy groceries until I have first checked the list of ingredients. One thing I have really valued recently in my relationship with Michael is that he has always encouraged me to be healthy, but has never once commented on my weight. He never once has made me feel bad about the way I look. Rather, he listens when I complain about it and encourages me to work out and do something about it...for ME. 

Recently, we've really taken a look at what processed food really looks like. And boy, is it everywhere! We've looked at Gerson's Therapy, (another post coming about this in the future!) and realized just how much what we put in our mouth and on our skin affects our health. It's tremendous the things that natural eating can do. There have been testimonies of patients who have been diagnosed with diabetes, began cutting out all processed foods and eating wholly and naturally, and they no longer had diabetes. I encourage you to research for yourself. I'll dive into what exactly processed foods are and what it means for us in a later post. 

Back to August....Michael and I both agreed that we needed to lose weight, get in shape, and start eating more organically.  And we meant it, too! 

1. We began by measuring ourselves. We wrote our measurements down on the same piece of paper and dated them - that way when we went back to measure ourselves in a few weeks we could compare the old and new measurements. I was shocked at how the numbers had increased for me. I remember what my old measurements were and seeing the new numbers motivated me even more to lose weight. 

2. We agreed that we would make time to go to the gym more during the week and cut out sugar, sodas, etc. We both put our BMI information into our accounts at SparkPeople and were able to put in our goal weights and find out around how many calories we were supposed to be eating compared to what he had been. It's amazing how many calories we consume daily without even knowing it. Counting calories has really helped us realize how much we're eating and not just calories, but other nutrition facts, too.

3. As we've been studying more about processed foods, we've also tried to eat less of those. Just last night, in fact, we cleaned out my pantry and got rid of everything that had been modified, contained MSG (a terrible flavor additive in food that actually blocks the sensors in your body that tell you when you're full), or anything else that was included in the modified group. I ended up taking out a few cans of Campbell's soups, Ritz crackers, a jar of jelly from the fridge, and a can of alfredo sauce. Everything else was just canned veggies or organic foods, so they could stay. 

Well, all those are definitely BIG adjustments that have been made. As far as the gym? I've only been once in the past three weeks. It really is hard to make it a habit, but I know from experience that once it IS a habit, your day feels incomplete without a trip to the gym. I'm working on it. Michael's done better than me...he's been a few more times. 

Because of my job, I do eat out quite a bit for lunch. I have made it a point to only eat at Subway or Panera (who now puts their nutrition info right next to the food on the menu...so great!) and try to eat wheat bread or soup and an apple.

Alright, enough details. 

Last night, Michael and I measured ourselves again and both saw some improvement. I lost anywhere from 1 inch to 1/4 inch in certain areas. Not the greatest improvement...but we're getting somewhere!

We both realized how much more improvement could happen if we had both actually committed to going to the gym daily. 

But we're working on it! It's great having someone to be accountable to...it really helps me stay on track. And the fact that it's with Michael makes it that much better!


  1. Good for you! It IS so much better to have someone along on the journey, isn't it? All the best!

  2. 90daysoflove.blogspot.com
    Funny that you write this post because I just began getting back onto the HEALTHY wagon myself. I understand all about the processed foods, refined oils vs. unrefined, organic vs. COMMERCIALIZED organic, whole wheat vs. whole grain, aspartame, monosodiumglutamate and his 4 cousins... the list goes on and on. I used alot of it to KEEP me from eating but now that I am no longer participating in the sinful eating disorder that took 2 years of my life away I want to start focusing on the information I LEARNED and using it in a more healthy approach. But restricting too much leads me to a place of insanity so I have to allow myself freedom.

    On the blog you will see that I no longer have a gym membership so I've developed a goal for everyday WORKOUT wise and it is something I can do at home or in a comfortable space alone.

    I really feel encouraged after reading your post!! It is really amazing to see a believer taking a stand against the junk that our country feeds us and has the audacity to call FOOD!!! LoL I think being a smart grocery shopper is where it starts so MORE POWER TO YOU GUYS!!

    sorry for the rambling it is late and I just finished my 2nd night of my goal CIRCUIT. I didn't eat perfect today but after working out I feel so much more at ease about everything. Working out even if it is just a few pushups or squats really makes a difference mentally, physically and SPIRITUALLY!