Miscellany Monday

Sep 27, 2010

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
I've been looking for a second job to make up for not enough hours with my current job. I got called Friday for an interview with Home Instead - a company that provides caregivers for individuals that would rather live at home than move to an assisted living facility or a nursing home. I also might have an opportunity to interview for a teller position at a bank. I'll keep you updated! 

Michael and I had a great time on our hike. I plan on doing a separate post with tons of pictures. It was a beautiful day and an amazing view. Look for that post tomorrow or Wednesday! 

I, along with three of my friends, am planning on taking a month-long trip to Jamaica in January to work at a deaf school in Montego Bay. The catch? The trip will cost us quite a bit as we have to actually pay the school to come stay. That's how much they're struggling financially. We just got the approval for a Benefit Concert at our church in 3 weeks! I'm so excited. It'll give people an opportunity to pray for us but also give as they feel led. We're trusting God to provide and can't wait to see how He works. More information on the trip to come! 

I kind of failed on this diet thing over the weekend. I went to a get together with Michael and we both had pizza. Then we had a birthday party for our family friend, Rachel, as she turned 12. We gave in to pizza and cupcakes. After a couple weeks of eating well, we both agreed that we felt sick after eating all that grease and sugar. Whew! Back to the grind this week!

Michael and I are going to Charleston, SC for our fall break in two weeks. Any seasoned travelers have any suggestions on great places to eat, sightsee, etc?

After finding a few new blogs this week, I compared them to mine and feel like mine's too complicated and busy!! There are so many design options...geez! I think I'm just going to leave the design the way it is now for fall and winter, but come spring - expect a new design. Like I said here, I can't keep the same design for long. I get restless. 

I've been looking at engagement rings. 
'nuff said. 


  1. Your Jamaica trip sounds like the trip of a lifetime! I will add you to my prayer journal for the financial part. God will provide for you.

    I hear you on the diet thing...when you've been eating clean and you stop for a moment your body reminds you! It makes the yummy food almost not worth it...almost...

    Happy Monday :) Visiting from Carissa's meme!

  2. I just came across your blog from lowercase letters.

    The Jamaica trip sounds amazing! I am a senior education major and I would love to do something like that when the time is right in my life. I have really thought about doing teach for America.

    I too love to look at engagement rings, but there is not even a serious boyfriend in my life right now. It is fun to look though!

  3. This is an exciting post Kelsea! Engagement rings?! Trips to Jamaica (a sister of a friend of mine has worked quite extensively at that deaf school) and Charleston (always wanted to go there)! How fun! You're so right about the diet thing. When you go back to foods you've been avoiding for awhile, you're body throws a fit! Which is maybe a good thing :-). Good luck on the job front-and I don't think your blog is too "busy" at all. I rather like it. Just have a look at MINE. I'm the queen of busy! That's the fun part though...changing it up for the seasons. Just as good as rearranging furniture :-)