Miscellany Monday

Sep 20, 2010

{one} This has been the laziest Monday I may have had yet. 

{two} I'm procrastinating as I write...er...you read (yep, even then.)

{three} I had a great weekend. My Saturday morning started around 6:45am as my mom and I headed to Pulaski, Virginia for Camp Treehouse West, a camp put on by Carilion Clinic for kids ages 6-17 who have lost a loved one. My mom works as a hospice nurse and her office was the one who put on the event. I worked as a mentor and was assigned a little girl who lost her dad 9 months ago. It was a really special day for us as she opened up to me and I got to help her find some really great ways to remember her dad. The grieving process of a child is often overlooked and it was so very important that each child there was able to remember, cry, learn, share, and open up about their loved one.

{four} Sunday night was my first night as a helper in Awana at GSBC. My friend Grace and I were assigned the nursery (yes! Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE babies?) but unfortunately a few of them haven't been born yet. So...we got assigned to the Sparkies! These kids were so adorable. Most of our group was in kindergarten and as they tried to learn John 3:16, kept saying "and sent his only forgotten son". I just wanted to hug them!

{five} As I have (embarrassingly enough) had to repeat this Biology course, I really am trying to get back on track and complete my assignments well. Which the above-mentioned procrastinating has not helped. 
{six} This week I'll be getting ready for my friend Fain's bridal shower on Saturday. So excited! 

What fun things did you do over the weekend? 


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